Dec '08 Exam Takers

Where are you in studying for the exam?

in india,how about you

I think he meant where are you in the studying but I could be wrong. I finished the FSA book last week and started quant, on reading 7 now. My plan from the beginning was FSA, Quant, Econ, portfolio management, fixed income, derivatives & alternatives, and finally ethics. I’m still on pace to be finished with the readings by the end of October.

I am on Fixed Income. Hopefully will be able to complete it this week and jump to Corporate Finance by next week.

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Currently starting on Fixed Income, SS 15. Plan: Quant, Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance, Equities, Fixed Income, Derivatives & Alt Investments, Econ, FSA and finally Ethics. I deliberately started with quant coz it comes in handy in the subsequent studies. FSA and Ethics are last coz they’re the most time consuming studies(at least to me). I should be done with all the readings by end of September so that I can concentrate on just working problems and mock exams for the last 2 months.

Kudrinketh, how did you feel about corporate finance? Were the problems very difficult? You’re flying through this stuff, I thought I was on a good pace but you certainly have me beat. I was a finance major and my corporate finance class in undergrad was cake. I haven’t even looked at that book yet but I’m hoping it won’t be any different from what I had a couple of years ago.

Just starting SS 10, final SS of FSA. I am going in order of books.

Corporate finance is really basic stuff,also they review some statement analysis stuff covered in FSA like Du Point analysis. I took lotsa quantitative economics classes since I was getting a bs in econ so I’m very comfortable with most of the stuff except FSA, so that’s why I’m pacing myself so that I can concentrate more time on FSA and Ethics. I’m hoping that the further I get(ie CFA II & III), the more I’ll get to use my econ background as the FSA stuff tapers off.

Going in order. Reading CFA texts and Stalla, watching Stalla video CD’s. Have to watch the video for Econ 2. Reading CFA/Stalla for Econ 3.

I have finished Ethics and Quant. Just getting started on FSA. I plan to go through Ethics again at the end.

Kudrinketh Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m hoping that the further I get(ie CFA II & > III), the more I’ll get to use my econ background > as the FSA stuff tapers off. You and me both man. I was six hours shy from an econ minor, which probably wouldn’t have added any value, but I do regret not taking a couple more classes.

I’ve finished ethics and almost finished quant. I’m doing the textbooks in order. btw when does everyone plan to finish studying the material first time around? Is the start of october too ambitious?

Beginning of october would be great, but at the rate I’m at now it will probably be the end of October. I spent a great deal of time on FSA (probably too much) but I feel pretty confident to do well in that area. I’m hoping November is just going to be going through everything again, taking practice tests from Schweser along the way. I’ve already asked off for the first week of December so I’m going to use that week to take one serious simulated test at the beginning of the week and see how I do. Use the couple days that follow to seriously focus on my weaknesses.

Finished the CFA Material in June. Finished 1 overall review of schweser flashcards. Now its just schweser books+flashcards+problems–> Repeat. Some formulas are hard to remember.

I’m doing Econ, Quant, FSA & the rest in order, then Ethics at the end. I’m just finishing up the Quant book… I’ve been stuck on Quant for a while… I guess it wasn’t that interesting & I haven’t been putting in that many hours yet. I plan to finish by end of Oct. How many hours per week is everyone studying right now?? I think I may be doing too little… my studying is a bit inconsistent.

I’d say I’m averaging around 12-15 hours per week. Of course, some weeks are more like 20 and some are more like 8. I might come home from work on a Monday and go at it until midnight. Then the next day I might just put in the same time but only an hour of actual work. Youtube is my kryptonite. But as a wise man once said, “Don’t just study hard, study smart.” Or whatever that means…

I plan on finishing Quant tomorrow then starting Econ. I’m going in order. Averaging about 10-12 hours per week but trying to make sure I grasp the material well before moving on. I was also shooting for end of October as the date I’m done studying and that way I could leave November just for review/practice. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and try to keep myself focused because with all the stuff I have planned for the next couple of months I’m not sure I will manage!!

Just completed Ethics and Econ. Starting Quant. trying to go in order although Ethics feels as if it needs more work.

i am reading 38 fsa and on quant finished probablity. still not confident about fsa…it sucks