Dec L1 Prep Progress

Where is everyone in their preparations for the Dec L1 Exam? Section, reading, LOS…etc I just decided to sign up for the CFA exam last week, so I’m only halfway into quant.

Im on the last chapter in Quant

Reading 11

I’m on reading 11 too. My aim is to do at least 5 readings a week from now on. Easier said than done.

I’m at reading 25 in the econ book. i skipped ethics though. i am going to cover that last as i just finished with my series 65 and a lot of the topics/concepts overlap

I’ve mixed up the order, partially out of boredom, and also because I wanna leave Ethics to the end. I read thru the ethics section and half of the quant before coming to this great realization though. I skipped straight to the Equity & Fixed-Income text, about halfway thru. Haven’t read anything else. I aim to do a reading a day, and about 7-8 over the weekend.

finished fxincome , derivatives & alt invest although i am following schwser bit lazy to go through cfa text i think

FSA and Quant finished, now starting with Econ. Also skipped Ethics. So far I had a mean performance of one reading per day plus solving about 80% of problems per day (that is in twice 2h of study) using the CFA text. Probably will use Schweser starting August due to time constraint.

I am amazed, how well in time you guys have finished the course material. I finished 70% of my course material in last 3 wks and 30% was unfinished, but I came close to killing myself as well. Good luck.

egal are u using cfa text or schwser as a reading material . all the way schwser except fsa and end of reading question from cfa text

Reading 11 and i can’t wait to be finished with it. These last couple of readings dealing with Probability and Stat have been extremely boring for me and is taking forever to finish up because of the boredome factor. I never thought i would say this but i’m actually looking forward to economics lol…

I am using CFA Text so far, since I feel I am making good progress.

I’m doing FSA and econ at the same time. I find that after a session on FSA, reading a chapter of econ is like strolling through a park on a warm summer’s day…

Just finished Corporate Finance and Portfolio, and mid way FSA and Quant. Been using CFA material, but after receiving Schweser I think they are abit more precise… FSA session 9 is no joke though:)

Finished Ethics & Quant, just completing Derivatives and and just started on FSA. Planning to use Schweser for Economics, Equity n Fxd income and Corp. finance and portfolio mngt

I have finished… quant, economics… and ethics… currently…on FSA session 8… studying after job is difficult…specially if you have hard day… i dont know how you guys manage…give me some tips…

it is hard , i devote 90 min in morning and the same in evening . it is hard specially when lay off’s are going around

Hey guys, been reading the forum for the past couple of months and finally registered. Anyway, I just finished quant after spending a good month with the book. I found it pretty difficult, but I also finished undergrad 9 years and the last stats class I took was 11 years ago and I mostly showed up hungover for that one, so there was rust I needed to shake off. I feel quite comfortable with the concepts at this point, but I definitely need some review to make everything more intuitive. I was an econ major so I am really looking forward to the next book. Never took one accounting class so FSA is scary, but also a bit excited for the learning experience. We’ll see if I still feel that way when I get there. LOL. Shout out to my fellow Chicagoans on the board!

Corpe Fin reading … finished ethics, econ, quant, and fsa. started in march and have been taking my time. i know ill have to re-read all this stuff again before december.

Going right in order with my class. Quant this week for class on Monday. No reason to go too far ahead in my opinion, or start too early. I’m going right on schedule to have 5 wks to review.