December 2014 Mock Exams

It’s the last stride people. I suggest we all share our thoughts and impressions on the practice tests we take. Motivating ourselves is important. I took Schweser Vol.1 Exam 1 today. Only a few questions were tricky, but overall I felt it was somewhat doable. I finished both sections in 2h30 approximately.

AM: 89/120 = 74%

PM: 91/120 = 75%

What about you guys?

woow !!

your score is impressive . I scored a 43% took only one mock and devestated :frowning:

Took exam 2 from Schweser Vol.1. The morning session was a little disappointing, but I managed to catch up with the PM session. I still cannot seem to reach the 80% bar, which is a little worrying.

AM: 83/120 = 69.16%

PM: 95/120 = 79.16% Anyone else would like to share their scores?

Thats okay, I failed my first mock too. Go back and understand what you did wrong, that is the most important part of studying IMO.


Is there a way to go back and review past mocks on the CFA website? I took my first mock yesterday and went back on the site today to review questions and answers but it brings me to the beginning of the mock exam. So is there any way to go back and pull up my previously answered questions with solutions?


on the CFAI mock, i scored a 68%

the schweser volume 1 PM exam i scored 65%, the volume 1 am was interrupted and i wasn’t able to finish.

i finished the CFAI exam in 1.5hrs and the schweser exam in about 1.75hrs. i sort of rush thru them bcz i can’t get myself to focus so hard on a practice

Took Exam 3 from Schweser today.

AM: 86/120 = 71.6%

PM: 84/120 = 70%

The ethics part in the PM destroyed me. I scored 8/18 I think. Besides that I was pretty consistent, except for FRA where I scored below my usual average of 75-80%. Anyone has advice for ethics? I seem to understand it, i’ve read it several times, but 50% of the time I do not feel comfortable with my answers. Is this normal? Most ethics questions are very tricky…

Wow you guys are amazing.

I’m doing the Schweser mocks as well but I do them differently: after answering every question I go and look at the answer so as to maximize my learning.

I suggest u take them “as if” they were real. It gives you a better preparation imo and tells you where you will spend more time during the exam. It’s also quite tiring, and it won’t be any different on d-day.

I will later but right now I’m still learning the stuff so I need to review the answers and revise the material more than simply get some kind of random score for myself.

79 schweser mock 1, 84 schweser mock 2, 83 CFAI mock … I also am having the problem of not being able to access CFAI mock answers after taking the test…

Schweser mock 1 AM: 77.5%

financial reporting crushed me @ 66.7%, so difficult to remember all the rules…f’ing hate that section. Good thing it has the highest weighting on the exam :(. Did proportionally worse on econ @ 58% too.

All in all feel better about it…especially now that I know where to really focus my efforts.

20 days folks. Keep up the good work!

Only people with great scores here ! most of you will pass with 75%

Print out all the questions and solutions ! it would be easier to work that way . Good luck !

CFA mock - 68% AM; 75% PM. I was quite pumped due to me having not reviewed Fixed Income, Economics, Quant, or Ethics again.

You’re in great shape with 3 weeks to go, good luck

Hang in there man. My study partner was scoring at 54% after the live scheweser mock. Get some qbank under your belt, review your mock questions (even the ones you got right to ensure you understand the concept), write down the answer and concept for anything you got wrong, and go through the CFAI mocks. Good Luck!

I found the CFAI AM (82%) session quite easy compared to the Schwesers. Or maybe this is the learning curve speaking.

I found a mistake however in the answers regarding the comparative advantage question (economics section). I believe they miscalculated the opportunity costs.

Did anybody ordered the vol2 of the schweser mocks? I am running out of mocks and I am thinking about ordering them. Are they worth it?

Schweser Book 2 Exam 1: Morning Session 79%, Afternoon Session 71%.

Schweser Book 2 Exam 2: Morning Session 78%, Afternoon Session 74%

Finished both sections about 45-1hr left on the clock. I haven’t done a CFAI mock as of yet, but i was shocked to find how there was little to no calculations in the Schweser. It was a lot more conceptual based and really hit on knowing the subject area to infer answers. Not sure if this will hold true in the CFAI mock.

I got a few easy questions wrong so I need to slow down. Also, economics and derivatives murdered me 55%, 63% respectively. So I know what I’ll be focusing on for the next couple of weeks.

I’ll definitely be focusing on the mocks going forward. The level of difficulty is far greater than what you will get out of Kaplan Q-banks. So i suggest people do all the questions even if you don’t time yourself.