december exam

i am taking the december exam because I can not cover all the materal by june. anyone have this same problrm??

im sure everyone does… i sat for the Dec 2007 exam for the same reason… depends when you start studying i guess

If you really slog it out you can do June easy…depends on what else you do besides studying.2 hours a day and you’re sorted…

plenty of time for june exam, plenty

At worst, the June exam would be great preparation for December, at best, it would give you a solid year to prepare for level 2…

seems like I can not get it all read fast enough.

Bluey 1.8T Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > im sure everyone does… i sat for the Dec 2007 > exam for the same reason… > > depends when you start studying i guess Guy did u pass

Is starting in March for the June exam too late? Coming from having just passed the IMC (by then) and with an Economics degree?? I wont have my results back from the IMC exams til then you see!

You have plenty of time. I spent a little over four months studying for the December exam with absolutely no finance background and I passed. It’s all about how efficiently you handle your time.

How many hours a week did you need? Are the other readings as long winded as those in the sample chapter on the cfa website?

I probably spent about 350 hours total. Divide that up however you want. I spent a lot more time in the month leading up to the exam. 10 hour days for the week before.

btw, I’m in the same boat as you right now. I’m trying to decide whether to take the June exam and start grinding away or to register for December and take a more steady study schedule. I understand the argument to go ahead and take the June exam because it will prepare you for the one in Dec if you have to take it over, but I don’t want a wasted exam. Any advice from those that have started in Feb and passed the June exam would be much appreciated. On another note, how beneficial are the prep classes and are they neccesary for the Level 1 exam?

Please also bear in mind that I have a full time job… I can take about two weeks off of holidays though!

Well, I am reading the official CFI material along with the stalla passmaster cd ( which includes the study notes on the cd) I feel in order to master all the material which is the whole purpose for your career that I need a year of study. But I am working all the material along with the cd. I do have an undergrad in finance degree. I just fel that is it important to master the material and all the formulas. I think by studying this way you will have an advantage in the field. Even with those people passing, they still do not fully understand the concepts. As you can see they are still missing alot of the concepts but still passing. I have learned alot already from the material and I study everyday at least 5 on average. THe question is how well do you really know the material, not for exam but for yourself.

also, I knew people in college who studied this way and thirdy days later they could not remember anything they did.

Me too, giving in Dec I have a FT job, and little Finance background. I am doing all the books and readings, so I am not going to bet my money for June. I am enrolled for Dec.

Hey Guys I am in the same boat as some of you…I am not sure whether I should sit for June 08 or Dec 08…I do have a background in finance and I have completed MBA an year ago…also when I went through the topics covered in Level 1 i found that I have covered a lot of topics…but I still believe we definitely need time to read the stuff and most important understand each and every concept…at the moment I am working In finance industry(funds management) and working full time…so I think it won’t be posible for me sit for 2-3 hrs a day to be honest…I can definitely put in say 10-15 hrs a weekend but that will be enough to pass the exam but understand the concepts and apply those concepts in my career I think we need more time…I very much agree with btw55555…we are not here to pass the exam but learn concepts…look people we should not take this as Uni studies where we can be complacent because we have to study lot of subjects which we were not interest in n also some of the sub I studied just to pass…So I think we should give more time to understand the concepts and apply where ever we can…Just wondering anyone from Sydney…

Hey I do…I am working full time and I hardly get time after work…I mean to say u get so tired that u can concenterate nemore…I am plannin to sit in december and I am sure I will be able to crack it in december I am starting my preps in feb and I am sure I will have lot of time to understand everything…I do have a background in Finance and also working in Finance…r u studying from any extra materials (schweser) or just from the notes from CFAI…My friend advised me to study from schweser wat do ya reckon…

I tried this same thing last year. I originally started studying in January for the december exam. After the first two weeks I stopped studying because the test date just seemed so far away and I felt like I could push it off. I ended up not starting to study until August anyways. If you can put 15-20 hours per week from now until exam time you’ll be able to pass.

hey KrukVT I am sure with CFA the only thing important is to be regular…I am starting my preps. In feb. and I have to be regular for sure…Let see what happens…how bout u…what level r u on…