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So US immigration officers hassled SRK? What do you expect from people who hassled Azim Premji (Wipro chief) and APJ Abdul Kalam Azad, the ex-President?

Never heard of him. How did he make his money? Clearly not acting.

Thirteen of the films he has acted in, have accumulated gross earnings of over 1 billion (US$17 million) worldwide,[12][13] making him one of the most successful leading actors of Hindi cinema.[14]

To put that in perspective look at the figures shitty American films do:

RankTitle (click to view)StudioGross / TheatersOpening / TheatersDate 1 Fast & Furious 6Uni. $238,679,850 3,771 $97,375,245 3,658 5/24/13 2 Fast FiveUni. $209,837,675 3,793 $86,198,765 3,644 4/29/11 3 Fast and FuriousUni. $155,064,265 3,674 $70,950,500 3,461 4/3/09 4 The Fast and the FuriousUni. $144,533,925 2,899 $40,089,015 2,628 6/22/01 5 2 Fast 2 FuriousUni. $127,154,901 3,418 $50,472,480 3,408 6/6/03 6 The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo DriftUni. $62,514,415 3,030 $23,973,840 3,027 6/16/06 TOTAL:** $937,785,031 - - - - AVERAGE: **$156,297,505 3,431 $61,509,974 3,304 -


Julia Louis Dreyfus is the richest actor in Hollywood by far, and for reasons most people on this board should know…and it’s not Seinfeld.

I’m more famous in the US than this guy.

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My thoughts exactly

Never heard of the guy, but it doesn’t seem like his wealth is purely from acting.

Based on what?

Well lxwarr showed his movies haven’t grossed that much, and Rahul says he has his fingers in many pies, co-owns a cricket club, producer, musician, TV host. A quick google indicates a chunk of wealth is from brand endorsements.

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lol… he earns around $25 millions per year from his movies(which he generally produces). …he even owns a cricket team worth $300m and ROI is 20% per year from his cricket team.He even runs production houses,VFX companies etc etc…

He earns close to $75m to $100 m from brand endorsements.(In india actors are paid more to endorse a brand than to act in a movie).

I thought SRK must be having atleast $1 billion.

Ok. Perhaps I misunderstood the comment then. All that stuff mentioned above originated from his acting career. Even if he owns a cricket club, he originally got the money to buy that club from acting, that leads to endorsements and other income sources. I define all this as money from acting. If we were to make line items for all his current revenue, no doubt that it will be highly diversified, as would be the case for many rich actors.


Every single penny he owns is directly or indirectly earned from his acting career.

SRK was born in a poor lower middle class family so what ever money he has is self earned.