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Failed l1 twice? kick that loser to the curb.


The right behaviour varies greatly from person to person so there is no really correct answer for your question. For example I prefer to be left alone and as the exam day is coming I feel less willing to speak with anyone not related to CFA. He is a boy so act directly- ask him what he would prefer (besides the appropriate dose of sex of course :)).

The fact that he failed Level I twice (especially after he had studied) is worrying. As far as I know level II and III are much more harder so no matter whether he fail or pass now he should think twice before enrolling for the next year. You can point out that he can have good career without CFA and that there are other things which will help him in his professional life more.

check it out:

See my Level 1 post about “What to do if you failed today”.

Cliff Notes - this is the third time he’s taken L1. If he fails again, there’s approximately a zero percent chance that he’ll go on to pass L2 and 3. Give up now and save your time, money, and sanity.

Tough thing to say. Tough thing to hear. But it’s still easier than continuing to fail an exam every year.

If the guy failed twice AND there is no extenuating circumstance - illness, really bad work issues, bad breakup, or family issues - then there is reason to worry about passing on the third try.

Failing on the first try can be chalked up to underestimating the exam or not knowing how to prepare right.

Failing a second time is worrying, unless there was some extenuating circumstance that made it hard to concentrate, etc…

Even if he passes, the question of whether making it through L2 and L3 comes to mind.

The good thing is that you can tell he is dedicated and persistent, which generally translates across a personality to dedication to lots of things in life, which can include dedication to you too.

So I wish him the best, but you as his GF should defintely be prepared for the possibility that it might not go well.

On the other hand, having the CFA charter is not the secret to happiness or being a good boyfriend, so the best thing to do is just to say how much you love or like him, whichever way it goes. And after the exam is over, tell him how happy you are to “have him back” after all that studying. Realize he may need some time to settle in to a life not dominated by studying, so he may not instantly pick up being a pro-active boyfriend. Give him a few days or even a week where you offer suggestions on what to do while he gets his bearings and relearns how to be a boyfriend again…

You’re racking up brownie points with him, too. Most of us who’ve taken the test remember whether our significant others were supportive or not, and that often informs us about how much effort it is worth to keep this relationship working.

LOL she deleted her post. no wonder there’s no women on af

it was a bit harsh to lay it on her bf like that. She doesn’t need to hear that, her BF does. I don’t think it’s her job either to tell him he’s going to fail. Why would you mess with his head the day before?

I’m always impressed with women who come here and ask for help encouraging their guy. I wish my own gf at the time did the same instead of trying to break up with me 3 days before every level. At least these chicks care.


It’s great that you care enough to support him! Good for you. As others have mentioned, the best thing to do for a CFA candidate right before the exam is give him space. And maybe cookies.

You are not the first girl to come here seeking advice on how to support her bf through the exam. Sadly it seems that women are more supportive of their bfs taking the exam then the other way around.

I deleted the post because I didn’t want to be repetitive considering there’s already threads on it. He’s definitely not a loser, and I will most certainly not “kick him to the curb.” Any guy with the perseverance & dedication he has is worth sticking by- pass or fail. Thanks for the comments, though! Even the critical ones.

If u do decide to give him the boot, u know where to find me.

If he fails L1, that doesn’t bode well for the rest of his life. L1 is a good predictor.