Denied Jaguar, Haryana Youth Pushes BMW Into River


"An Indian man apparently angered at getting a BMW for his birthday - instead of a Jaguar - pushed the new vehicle into a river.

Video posted on social media shows it floating away on the river in the northern Indian state of Haryana. It later got stuck on a bank of tall grass and the man, said to be the son of a local landlord, tried to rescue it. Police are investigating the incident, local media report.

BMW cars cost around 3.5m rupees (£41,400; $49,000) locally, with Jaguars costing about 4-5m rupees."

I would have done the same. I just hope the BMW recovery process did not interfere with local corpse disposal in said river.

when i was a poor kid in the philippines. i wanted a jaguar cuz i like their style and emblem. but after going to la i learned that beamers is the car for rich dbag. and benz is for classy people like myself. maseratis are cool too, cuz it sounds so bangin.

Indians need to stop making babies.

LOL. You don’t know what you are doing brah. Don’t fuck with me.

Now, go and clean dirty toilets in India.

Not sure why Ohai is so obsessed about Indian news?

That’s probably more money than all those people in that video make together in a year.

I hope the pops got the hint and made a bee line to the nearest Jaguar dealership.

Wait, he keeps the motorcycle but dumps the BMW??? Kids these days: no sense of priorities!!!

Ohai hates Indians. A fact which I like.

i hate negative npv americans. so the sick old and poor. there is a great thailand midnset where it is illegal to give money to beggars.the law is derived from the idea of karma. that people who are suffering right now are in that position cuz they must have been a bad person in their previous life. now that’s a silly form of thinking. a better way to look at it is how we treat bears in aspen. you are required to lock up your trash cans. because if you dont, then bears will see it as the perfect place to forage and keep coming back. so to stop incentivizing these lazy bears. they look up the trash so they dont come back. fascinating i know.

pot meet kettle

Me too. I believe the eskimos understood what’s up when they put their negative NPV grandmas on an ice raft and pushed them away.

I’m a little upset right now that you would make such a comment.

you got to say “point of personal privilege” before being upset over stuff like that

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Ohai is Indian seemingly. No one can confirm though because he refuses to go to NYC meetups.

Why do you think? Because he is embarrassed about his heritage?

tanks for history lesson and psych profile of great ohai

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