So I just checked my e-mail and got a message from the CFA Institute w/ a big fat denial to become a candidate for Level II. Apparently, when I registered for the exam, I mistakenly hit Yes for the suspension question. (As in I’ve done something to warrant a suspension from participating in the financial service markets or associating w/ a financial institution). It’s actually kind of silly given that I just got my undergrad in June and have been working full time for a little over a month. I’m just throwing this out there because a) I’m an idiot and b)I want to be an example for everyone out there so that you don’t make the same mistake. The letter’s pretty serious. You have twenty days to appeal, and if they decide against you, the decision is final. Anyhow, if anyone has had any experience with this, I’d appreciate the input. I’m off to write my appeal. I’m thinking: “Dear CFA Institute, If you let me into the program, I will be the best CFA ever. I will pass Level II on the first try and use the wisdom gained to achieve superior returns for all my clients. Won’t you pretty please let me sign up…???” Cheers

That’s a pretty good letter, by why not call a Lawyer instead?

Relax, this stuff happens all the time. Bad news: the denial is essentially irrevocable. Good bye. Good news: No more annual exam stress! More seriously, if it’s an honest mistake then they’ll fix it. But don’t joke around in your letter, treat cfai with respect.

Montauk Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > If you let me into the program, I will be the best > CFA ever. Sorry to hear of your situation. I hope they’ll allow you to continue your candidacy, and to that end, I’ll take this opportunity to encourage you not to violate Standard VII(B): Reference to CFA Institute, the CFA designation, and the CFA Program, in drafting your letter. See the Standard of Practice Handbook, p.138. “The Chartered Financial Analyst and CFA marks must always be used either after a charterholder’s name or as adjectives (never as nouns) in written documents or oral conversations. For example, to refer to oneself as “a CFA” or “a Chartered Financial Analyst” is improper.” Good luck!

if you selected the wrong option, isn’t it simple enough just to explain that you made a mistake and misread the options? or am i missing something here?

How did you manage to make the wrong selection??? Amazing. Tip: Have someone knowledgeable draft the letter for you, even if you have to pay for these services.

Let’s not overdo this, eh? I have found CFAI to be very reasonable and a signed letter stating that you clicked the wrong button may suffice. Just talk to the CFAI help desk… I am sure you are not the first nor the last to make this mistake…

I think this is a hoax!

Yeah … that’s what I figure. I mean, I highly doubt I’m the FIRST person in the history of candidates to select the wrong choice. Anyhow, I drafted a professional sounding letter and will be sending it in today. Will provide an update for the curious when I hear back. Looking forward to prepping for Level II… Thanks for the input.

Look - it’s pretty clear that we can’t have CFA charterholders walking around admitting that they have been suspended by regulatory agencies, have committed felonies, etc… It would be especially stupid of them to do it if it wasn’t true. So part of the process of getting your charter is learning to deny that you have ever done anything wrong in some credible manner. By checking that box, you clearly showed that you are not charterholder material. Sorry, guy, but the brotherhood is better off without you.


Poor choice of words - “fellowship”

Joe, you’ve been pretty harsh of late…bad summer?

Well that was supposed to be tongue in cheek, but I’ve been feeling that way too. I’ll try to be less harsh. Sorry.

Joey, I think that it was pretty clear that your answer was tongue-in-cheek.

Man, if the difference between charterholder material and non charterholder material was a couple of pixelmeters, I’d cry myself to sleep every night. Actually, I realize now that I didn’t even hit “YES.” I merely clicked in such as a way that my answer didn’t register. Granted, it would make sense that CFAI wouldn’t give me the benefit of the doubt. Joey, I am sorry that you had a bad summer. Hugs.

Is there a way to review your answers to the questions? I have completed the sections but dont’ see an easy way to review/edit those questions.

Update: The letter of appeal was reviewed, and I’m back in business. I was definitely surprised at the fast turnaround, but CFAI has shown itself to be reasonable and responsive. Sweet action.

No they haven’t. They just did this time.

CareerChange Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Is there a way to review your answers to the > questions? I have completed the sections but dont’ > see an easy way to review/edit those questions. Anyone? Is there a way to review/edit those questions before I confirm the order. I don’t see a way to go back and review the questions. I am hoping there’s a way to do it before I confirm the order. Can someone confirm? I don’t want to get into a situation where I hit the wrong button…