Did anyone here PASS with just Schweser????

I failed boys and gals. I strictly used notes. I want to change up my game plan for 2009 and want to see if Schweser pulled through for you guys? Since the CR is very similar, i will use last years notes as backup i think and use schweser

I did.

I passed Level I and II using only Schweser notes and I felt fully prepared for both exams. (wrong forum)

I did but the this year’s level iii notes were the worst i’ve ever seen… very poorly written

3 for 3 with Schweser (notes, video, 3-day seminar)

Yep all three levels with Schweser

All 3 levels with Schewesser using past year borrowed notes.


i have passed one and two and haver never used the schwitzer notes, i have only used the CFA curriculum books. Are the notes really that helpful?

yes. passed all three with notes and 3 day reviews.

3/3 Schweser…Did the CFAI end of chapeter questions in for level3 tho…Sorry man…keep your chin up and take it down next year…no doubt you’ll take it down 2nd time around

only schweser for level 3 but read the text for level 1 and 2… multiple times

3/3 with schweser, just the schweser books nothing else score this time was far from great though

for 2009, I will only stick with schweser.

Yes. Premium package with weekly live seminar and secret sauce.

I passed 3 lvls with schweser. It’s 3/3.

yes three for three with only the schweser notes… felt least confident at lvl III though but I don’t think the CFAI material is easily done I mean to read through the material once would take what 165hrs (2500 pages 15 pages a minute) and to really get that material down you would have to read it at least twice and take good notes. But CFAI says you need to study about 250 hrs… I don’t get how that works.

me. l and II only sch. for III, I read the CFAI books more than sch.

All three with Schweser. And if you are an auditory learner like me don’t bother with the 3-day crash course. I tried reading through the text books CFA references for level II but that lasted all of 1 hour. Waaayyyy too much fluff.

Just Schweser on L3. Stalla for 1 & 2. (Books only for all 3). Never CFAI texts.