Did i violate the code of ethics?

This happened when the PM session ended. Everyone stopped writing. The proctor announced that the time is up and the answer sheets were being collected. My answer sheet was inside the question paper, my hands folded, and i was waiting to run out of the exam hall and experience freedom! Just then, the guy sitting next to met asked me how my paper went, i said it went well. The guy sitting next to me had his answer sheet closed as well Both our seat numbers were noted down by the proctor. I got worried and went to inquire if everything was ok. The proctor said that everything was ok but they will have to report what they have to report. I was told its a violation of the code of ethics. Seriously? Anyway, I apologised and requested them to ignore it but they didnt look like they were gonna listen Will they fail me because of this?

Damn you should feel like wanting to kill that guy beside you…grrrrr i feel like strangling him myself for you…couldav happened to anyone. Not sure what happens in such cases really, but I guess these guys are quite serious about the reporting bit. I also feel that they would judge whatever happened fairly. That being said, perhaps you should write to CFAI explaining what happened. Really hope your results aren’t affected :slight_smile:

Hmm, I don’t know the ins and outs of how the CFA handles situations like this, but at least at our site, the head proctor did announce several times that there needed to be complete silence… If the proctor noted down exactly what the situation was and what was said, I can’t imagine they could rule that there was an actual violation…could they? If so, could be pretty harsh, although as they say, only need the appearance of a violation to be in violation…really hope it doesn’t affect your outcome!

Lets hope he did not glance at your sheet during the exam… If you guys have the same mistakes…

kunalCFA, Take a proactive approach, contact the CFAI and tell them your side of the story before they make a decision solely based on the proctor’s comments. I’d sound unfair for your results for be voided because of this

dude, dont worry about it. I’m sure you’ll be fine, if it was like how you describe it. I just dont know how some people can be so a.nal (talking about the proctor in this case).

I have contacted CFAI and described to them the whole incident, which i am deeply regretting now. My fingers will be crossed for more than one reason on the exam result day

Frankly, I think your exam result will be voided and you will receive a private censure.

This is a tough one. It will be based on what the proctor writes in his note. If it says “candidates were discussing/talking” they might penalize you, but if it says “candidates were conversing after the exam had ended” then I think you are fine.

wow that sucks. I cant believe how blatantly everyone was discussing the test IMMEDIATELY after…even while sitting at the desk. This one kid kept going on about how easy it was compared to last year etc

That’s kinda crazy that she wrote you up for that. I can’t remember if it was before or after the tests were collected, but lots of people were talking about non-specifics about test difficulty and such after the exam. The proctor never told us to remain silent, just not to talk “during the testing period”…

i think being a CFA proctor is like being a cop… you have to give out a ‘minimum’ amount of tickets per month. So I guess the proctor was just filling his quota??? Thats the only thing I can think of…

did she tell you she was writing you up?

Wow… my L3 testing room was *loud* after time elapsed. Everyone was chatting with their neighbor.

@kunalcfa Where did you take the exam?

At worst, I say you get a caution letter, and nothing more. Don’t worry about it.

@kunalcfa dude, seriously dont worry about it man. common sense will prevail and you will be absolutely fine. i actually think that there is a good chance that the proctor wont even write anything. he/she would’ve mentioned it to you just to scare you a bit, but they wont. even if something is mentioned, cfa will have to give you a massive benefit of the doubt.

Just go check violation statistics and examples to be sure. The punishment ranges from written warning to permanent suspension. I guess you’ll just get the warning, and your exam will be graded. However check it out for yourself on CFAI page. Spanish proctors are pretty lax. But still I wouldn’t talk during the exam. And I wouldn’t answer if somebody would talk to me. Just ignore.

Everyone in toronto was talking with their neighbor as soon as the proctor said “stop writing”… I don’t get why people talk to their neighbors… a) you open yourself to some ‘little hitler’ proctor reporting you like the OP and b) I listened to these conversations around me and they inevitably resulted in one party feeling like sh*t for missing one of the ‘tricks’ in the exam… I’m glad that my neighbor didn’t utter a word the entire day. Thank you stranger.

kunalcfa, don’t worry about it man…having said that, do let us know if you do receive any letter from CFAI prior to the release of the result ok…but hopefully, you don’t receive any…fingers crossed