Did you finish AM session?

Just write yes or no. AM IMO was pretty lengthy. I just finished writing at the last minute.




No (approx 40 marks left )

Yes, 15 min left

Yes, but tight. Maybe five minutes to review.

Yes but tight too.


Yes. 5 mins left

yes, 2 mins left, some review included

Yes. 30 mins left.

Yes. 20 min left. Helped to catch one or two little mistakes…the big mistakes, not enough time…!

Yes 15 mins spare

mutton Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Yes > > 15 mins spare +1

Finished half an hour early, even with a bathroom break at the 1 hour left mark.


Technically yes. But I was moving fast and skipped things here and there.

yes 30 minutes to spare, learned my lesson from last year regarding time management

1 hour left