Israel vs Gaza Death Toll

Israeli Soldier Admits to Revenge Killings of Palestinian Civilians

Yahoodi Terrorist Brags About Killing Palestinian Children

There needs a trial for war crimes after this.

irony is that people are being fooled into believing its all because of hamas…and the childish human shield argument they have carved out to justify women and children killings

No different from American soldiers bragging about killing hajis.

(Or for Isildurr, no different from Russian soldiers bragging about ripping up Chechens with their bare hands).

I beleved the human sheild argument but only because I couldn’t think of any reason that killing women and children would help israel’s cause. is there one?

they only have one cause, I suggest you watch a video in which netanyahu is talking to hillary clinton about this war… but I think you are not going to believe that as well because none of western media has shown it

This is going to be highly profitable for Hamas’s leaders. Dude wanted a new car and some extensions on his massive Qatar mansion. Of course he doesn’t fight with his child warriors and human shields. The leadership sits back and uses their Palestinian pawns to make millions for their own account. All while the Palestinians claim poverty (which is probably true, but mostly due to their corrupt leaders). The human shield “excuse” isn’t an excuse. If Israel wanted to get rid of Palestinians, they could do so much more effectively. Why do you think they put troops on the ground? To minimize civilian losses at the expense of their own safety. They could take out all these rocket sites remotely without risking their own lives but they don’t because they want to minimize civilian deaths. Meanwhile Hamas starts the 72 hour ceasefire by ambushing Israeli soldiers and kidnapping one. Yup. You tell me about how Israel is so evil. What garbage. Good to see the UAE stepping up for their Arab brothers. Oh wait… They’re not? Fitting.

great… another one who thinks Israel is just defending itself from Hamas. if they wanted to minimize civilian casualties they could have done so by starting ground operation in the first place, they started with bombing schools and houses… and woww…how brave are they to start ground operation, their ground forces are still out of gaza and they are bombing houses and not sparing even refugee camps, " OH YEAH HAMAS IS THERE AS WELL" so far its nearly 50 israeli soldiers and more than 2000 palestinians most of them civilians who the defenders will label all hamas material. this is the cost of their safety right? im not arab…anyone with a slightest feeling for humanity would see whats going on there… and those willing to see this genocide will try to find reasons to justify this massacre no matter how worse it gets… its clearly IDF vs palestianian women and children…yes they are hamas

Maybe this is just my sociopathy talking, but what exactly is the downside of killing these people? Seriously, try to convince me the world would be a better place with more supporters of Hamas.

Not sure is we can really condemn Israel for an unverified quote by one of their soldiers when Hamas’ charter has some scary shit like “The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews [and kill them]; until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!” Seriously, this stuff still exists in 2014?

Ok it sucks that many Palestinians have died, but look - if Hamas had their way, every single Israeli Jew would be dead. Israel thinks that it’s worth 100 Palestinian casualties to protect 1 Israeli, which is unfortunate, but is actually their duty as a government.

^ Exactly. And this absolute BS about Israelis conducting a genocide: if Israel wanted to wipe out Palestians indiscriminately, they could do so in vast numbers that make this look silly. They could wipe out the whole strip in an hour. The argument that Israel is targeting civilians is just completely logically flawed. Now is Israel being careful enough? Valid question. But the idea that their defensive actions as a whole are questionable is garbage.

That is sociopathy talking.

You don’t disagree though.

can you post the video? there are quite a few videos of themt ogether…

I don’t think many would contribute much to the world, but everyone has an instrinsic right to life.

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I was starting to believe that Palestianians might not be so innocent and the children and women deaths are a result of collateral damage rather than an ill-intent on Israeli’s part, until I read that they attacked a UN refugee camp.

This also led me to think that why there have been so many women & children casualities (roughly 80% of the figure which is reaching 1500) and yet I have not seen a single report or article where Israelis claimed they have killed a Hamas terrorist. With all their advanced technology and support from US, their hit rate should be a lot better than what it is now.

@Igor: These Muslim extremists are evil and do not deserve to live but how come their bad deeds justify the killling of other Muslims, especially children & women?

If you look at the big picture, Israel’s disproportionate actions will once again bring us no where close to a peace deal. All this does is create another generation of Hamas supporters and so the vicious cycle starts again. When you’re 8 years old and all your family members are blown to pieces by the enemy of the one group that takes you in and gives you shelter and food, you will be loyal to them. You would think Israel would learn from the first 50 conflicts how this game is played and yet they fall right into the trap again. Or is it a trap? It’s a trap if peace is the only goal for those in power. I am of the firm belief that the silent majority of both sides want it, but not the people that count in this conflict. They benefit from being constantly at war, industries clean up, you keep receiving billion dollar checks from the US and the rest of the world and billion dollars in donations and political parties keep their raison d’etre by maintaining the status quo. As I mentioned before, Israel is by far the strongest party in this conflict. They have the most concessions to give. If they truly wanted an end to this, there would be a deal. The problem is there are few politicians that want to be known as the one that collapsed at the negotiation table and be known in history as giving in too much. That’s what it will take. But that doesn’t raise your approval ratings and wins the next election.

Concerning the UN school bombing, this was the White House official response a few hours after it happened:

"The United States condemns the shelling of a UNRWA school in Gaza,” but did not single out Israel for responsibility.

This was the official White House response 36 hours after it happened (White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest):

"The shelling of a U.N. facility that is housing innocent civilians who are fleeing violence is totally unacceptable and totally indefensible. And it is clear that we need our allies in Israel to do more to live up to the high standards that they have set for themselves. And what we are simply asking the Israelis to do, in fact urging the Israelis to do, is to do more to live up to the standards that they have set for their own military operations to protect the lives of innocent civilians.”

You would think the White House has more details of who was in that school than anyone on this board. That last statement is pretty revealing and the harshest words the US has given Israel in decades.

this wont end, it will keep going for another 1000 years

9/11 should have killed scum like you World would have been a better place without incestuous potato harvesters from Kansas.