"Diversity Hiring Standards for Banks to Be Set by U.S. Agencies"

"U.S. regulators including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will seek public input on proposed standards to evaluate workforce diversity at banks and other financial companies.

The agencies plan to develop a uniform standard to assess companies’ efforts to hire women and minorities while “taking into consideration differences such as entity size, capability, and history,” according to a report by the CFPB’s Office of Minority and Women Inclusion released this week."



Short US

Where’s stormy when you need him?

Probably being made the new chairman of Goldman Sachs.

Bizarre really. It’s like saying, the NBA must have 50% of their starters caucasian or 25% asian.

I don’t understand why they create rules like this. All it does is breed resentment and reverse racism, which is really just racism targeted against a different group of people.

It would be hillarious if the NBA had to be representative of our population. I for one would love that. I think It might be worth having quotas for minorities in finance if we can have 50 percent of the NBA be white.

I think they should do the same with regard to grades. Take that Asians!

Carp! There goes another industry that now won’t hire me.

Jesus, another great idea. A bell curve based on race. That would be awesome.

You no longer simply need to be the smartest. You need to be the smartest in your specific race. Suicides skyrocket!

Nah, far more efficient to hire a minority woman and get two diversity check marks for the price of one.

Yeah, and then pay her less because she’s a woman. F’ing capitalists.

Skewing the distribution even further, making it even harder. Fall on that sword, Samurai! Which then reduces the overrall marketshare of Asians, making it even harder.

Pop Quiz: In the Olympics, when was the last time a non-black qualified for the finals in the 100 meter dash? (I really don’t know, but I once heard 1972.)

Given that people of West African descent constitute 8% of the world’s population, what are the odds that all 32 finalists in the 100 meter dash are black? (1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)

In the NFL, there are 64 starting cornerbacks. How many of them are black? (All of them.)

How many blacks have run 100 meters in less than 10 seconds? How many whites have done it? (74 and 3, I think.)

When I become Emperor, I will decree that the US Olympic Committee should ensure that Whitey accounts for 55% of all US 100-meter dashers, and Whitey should be given a head start at all 100-meter races.

Damn, I didn’t even think of that. Long GS.

I have to think an East German or Soviet male made it to the 100 m final later than 1972. I’m pretty sure it has happened in the women’s 100 m somewhat recently.

Update: I can’t find a picture, but I’m guessing Petar Petrov from Bulgaria is not black and he won the bronze in the 1980 games.

Yulia Nestsiarenka from Belarus won gold in the 2004 games and she is definitely not black.

yeah the US boycotted the 1980 games. I think there is a word for that kind of thing in statistics.