DJT vs Mike Bloomberg? Who would you vote for?

personally i would go with the richer person! djt is smart, but bloomberg is smarter.

Despite his dumb ass soda ban, I’d have supported Bloomberg over Trump. In 2015 his quants analyzed this exact same question though. They ran a billion different scenarios and concluded that in the Primaries he couldn’t beat Clinton, but could beat Sanders. So once Clinton started pulling away he had zero interest in trying. I think Bloomberg being on the ticket would have actually sent me to the polls in 2016 though.

to be fair every analyst said hillary would beat trump.

I can’t say I’m tired of winning yet so DJT.

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Not on AF though.

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I recall a few members on here, not going to name names, who said crooked Hillary would lose.

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Very crooked, very illegal. Truly a shame

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BB for sure.

Mike Bloomberg Exploited Prison Labor to Make 2020 Presidential Campaign Phone Calls

I say kudos to the bloomberg campaign for doing more with less, and I hope he brings the same efficiency to the federal government. We could slash the deficit if we terminated all those high-paid civil servants and replaced them with prison labor costing $20/month

50 percent of government budget is actually social security Medicare and Medicaid. So the true enemy are old people!

i was under the impression that the filippino culture respected the old and the wise! Please advise

I respect them. But won’t spend money on them.

Wow, water cooler really sucks now. Bye.

What difference would this or that person “winning” make? None.

depends on the candidates. For 2020 there seems to be, for once, a real difference in agenda between the candidates. Very refreshing.

trump actually accomplished a lot. lowered taxes. lowered rates. increased stock valuations. removed the penalty for no insurance. checked china.

democrats would have probably done the opposite. not saying that its a bad thing. given the current deficit and debt burden it makes sense to increase taxes. the issue with democrats is they will prolyl spend it on something dumb, like ss/medicare for old people. or higher unemployment. higher minimum wage.

trump got up in to the fed’s business. imo thats pretty awesome. obama would definitely have left fed independence and not applied pressure.

“Seems” is the key word.

I see no evidence that different words out of various candidates’ mouths result in differing outcomes. All fake agendas and promises end in the same US govt agenda–global hegemony and maximized corporate profits.

Obama and Trump. Totally different? Same outcome.

Trump’s corporate tax cut is his sole achievement and BB also favors this tax cut. Trump’s love/hate toward China, I have no idea what that’s about or whether it is having any salutary affects for the US. He took us out of TPP, which was by far the best hedge against Chinese geopolitical uncertainty. He took us out of the Iran nuke deal, which drives them into the Russia/China orbit. He has alienated traditional European and Asian allies. Removed the US from leadership on global warming. He provokes 1.2 billion moslems through pointless bigotry, and by reflexively supporting Israel, a country that provides no strategic benefit for US… Trump supporters say US elections never depend on foreign policy, but as far as I can tell, trump has created a more unstable world, and that will be a problem for our children.

2020 is going to be a bloodbath. The D party is no longer viable (someone here foresaw that in 2017). To say the world is less stable is laughable.

So, if 2020 will be a bloodbath, but 2019 was not a bloodbath, then ipso facto isn’t the world less stable?