DJT vs Mike Bloomberg? Who would you vote for?

I’m talking about Ds and their prospects in the elections.

Have you checked the news lately? Your boy is doing exactly what he ran against.

Peace through strength is the most effective policy. No more bending over. World peace is already here, you are just seeing it play out to bring the sleeping masses along. Life on Earth has gone from hell to good to great by the end of 2024. Enjoy the show and be thankful.

Peace through strength is the strategy followed by every empire that no longer exists. Just sayin.

I mean, that’s kinda what the left will say about 2020-2024 too. Assuming Trump doesn’t win re-election.

trump gonna win though. very likely.

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Just got back from a Bloomberg rally. A dude in the crowd was talking to Bloomberg. Bloomberg asked what he did and the guy replied he was a manager of Macy’s. Bloomberg said oh that’s cool I know the owner of Macy’s. Ha ha

Judge Judy is very short in person

there’s a hilarious video of mini-mike unveiling his vision of a nanny state

on a less hilarious note, mini-mike is now proposing cutting healthcare costs by refusing to treat old people (unless they’re liberal billionaires presumably)

They tried that in England. Liverpool Care Pathway

" If you show up with prostrate cancer and you’re 95 years old, we should say go and enjoy, you’ve had a long life, there’s no cure and we can’t do anything. If you’re a young person, we should do something about it. Society’s not willing to do that, yet.”

nery voting for bloomberg

Bloomberg loving that big gay ice cream.

These dems sure love pandering… does he carry hot sauce in his purse too?

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The organ-pedo slave trafficking organization known publicly as the Clinton Foundation tried hard to infiltrate Bloomberg’s campaign and plant the individual known formally as Crooked Hillary in a senior position. However, Bloomberg’s staff has become aware of the cult’s satanist-coronavirus engineering agenda and is moving quickly to deny this opportunity to the necro-plutocrats. Thanks goodness that this potential disaster has been averted and society as we know it will be preserved.

If he won (no chance), how long do y’all think she’d wait to do it?

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This guy is the worst kind of racist. He genuinely believes these people are inferior.

According to the fake news “Trump is a racist!” yet has no proof and based on their made up sources.

Yet ignores video proof of their people actually saying racist things.

The American people are smart and can see what’s going on.

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No proof? He launched a five year campaign against Obama claiming he was born in Kenya.

but…that’s true.

bloomberg coming out on next debate. w00t w00t

Can’t wait for Bernie to start yelling at him.

the DNC changed the rules to let mini-Mike in the debates. Trying to screw Bernie over again

Saying “Obama was born in Kenya” is by no means a racist statement. No more racist than saying “Greenman was born in Texas.”