Do I need to take CFA Level I exam again?

I passed CFA Level I exam in 2003 and before taking Level II exam I got a job in another field. After 10-years later I am now thinking going back to the CFA program where I left off.

Do you know if I can continue and take Level II exam or need to re-take Level I exam because it was 10-years ago? Thanks.

I think after 10 years after passing Level 1 you can apply for the CFA charter.

You provide some much needed entertainment for sure. The ironic thing is, didn’t you ask about retaking the L1 exam again because you thought your L1 scores were too low? LMAO.

OP: Just call the CFAI directly…

I don’t see why you’d have to rewrite. Once you’ve passed, you’ve passed.

Even if you don’t need to retake it, it’s probably prudent to at least review the L1 material using CFAI books from recent years, at least maybe go over it for a month.

Doubt it. I took it in December 2006 and registered for L2 this year. I was registered for L2 2007 and still have the books but I changed jobs that April. I remember it very clearly now because it was a bad choice to move jobs and if I had stayed I would have had my charter by now and been in a senior position where I was. No risk no reward sometimes…I’m actually surprised I remember a lot of the stuff still.

Long story short, I think they got rid of the rule that put a time limit on it. If you go to the website and enter your information to register it will most likely have it all in there.