Do you like sloths?

Benign wildlife or dangerous menace? They are up to something, if you ask me.

The perfect sequel would have been do you like sluts.

YES! Also, Sloths are good… and if sloths had any pride they would retire.

I believe they have already retired.

Manny from Ice Age was pretty cool.

BSDs if you ask me… rush for no one

+1 they got it all figured out

I wonder what they taste like, probably tender?

Tender because they move slow and don’t have gamy overworked muscle

Indeed. The veal of the jungle.

How do they protect themselves from the predators of their habitat? Are they just really good at finding secret nap places?

I think they just camouflage themselves, and if something attacks them, they’re just boned.

Thank you for subscribing to SlothFacts! Sloths are very safe in trees, where they spend nearly all their life. But, they have to descend to the ground to poop. While on the ground, they’re in danger of being eaten by cougars, snakes, and other large predators.

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  • They sleep 18 hours, but they always party 24.
  • They’ve got three toes, but they’ll pound 3,000 Bud Lights.
  • They’ll break your nose and kick your face in a punch fight.
  • Will hire a dog to burn down a hospital, and eat cocaine off America’s gravestone.

Put your ******** inside our *********, and kill you if you ever tell.


If they are exposed to mortal danger every time they descend to poop, why don’t they just poop off the tree branch?

because some days you’re on a higher branch and some days you’re on the lower branch, and nobody likes getting shat on. Have some respect Ohai.

LOL! Great posts. I was thinking that maybe they need to bury their poop to hide their presence.