Do you think these Harvard memes justify rescinding an admission?

I heard about them, but just saw them today. They are actually worse than I thought.

Do you think Harvard was right to rescind admission? They posted it in a private forum and someone reported them. Are things said in private to be held accountable?

Maybe, but I can tell you my group email chat during freshman year had stuff worse than that.

wow those are terrible

wow, that’s messed up. Recinding admissions though… i could go either way, would have to think about it.

Just more authoritarian-left establishment, searching thru people’s internet history, silencing those who go against the cult of liberalism. Same as CNN going after the Reddit guy.

This is what is coming to America, get ready for full-on corporate fascism.

Harvard is in the wrong. And those snitches should be kicked out. A buddy of mine was admitted in Harvard but got denied due to his moms retarded ass. He was listening to some rap music and his mom told him to turn his shit down. Then she started talking shit and try to turn off the thing physically. So he got some scissors and told her to back the fuck off. The mom snitched on the cops. Cops came and recorded the event. Guidance counselor told Harvard. He got his admittance rescinded. His mom ruined his fucking life at the time. But it’s cool though they were rich already. He’s still doing well in life, he’s like a political advisor now for California. Cream always rises to the top.

That reddit fool confessed to CNN, CNN never searched for him. I think he was just confused

^ Jackoffski sucks the corporate dong. :confused:

Jackoffski lol, thats funny!

Still true though even if murdoch is a prick

Overreaction by Harvard. These are 17 year old kids being silly in what they thought was a private setting. With that said, if this had been made public and it was publicized that Harvard hadn’t done anything about it, the blowback to Harvard might have been way worse than this.

Harvard’s justification about shaping the leaders of tomorrow or whatever…Harvard puts out a ton of comedy writers. Pretty much every writer for the Simpsons went to Harvard. The Harvard Lampoon is a breeding ground for all sorts of comedic careers. And, guess what? Many of those people make horribly offensive material. Nearly all comedy offends someone. Yes, these memes were pretty out there, but they were also pretty damn funny.

Bad Harvard.

lol yeah here’s a good list of Ivy comedians

I feel like they would have been the Tosh O of Ivy grad comedians

I didn’t find them funny or clever. Offensive (incredibly offensive) part aside, they were pretty dull.

Lock those fools up

Different strokes for different folks. You probably wouldn’t enjoy

John Paulson’s mother is Jewish, so if you want to remain at Harvard, you don’t post anti-semitic memes.

For every one of those kids who was rescinded, there are 3 more with exactly the same profile. I guess there’s no point in keeping anyone with any kind of controversy.

The “Be warned, they are highly offensive” warning before posting the memes was laugh out loud funny. Wouldn’t want to give anyone PTSD. Anyway, definitely outrageous but would be far more offensive if it happened at a real school. This is like not cashing your lotto ticket before it expired.


I troll out the truth, amigo. I just hope to raise awareness so that America can one day regain its independence.