Do you think you passed?

Two weeks before the release of the results, how do you guys feel about your scores? I feel like a total borderline for level 2!! Last year for Level 1, my grids were much better than expected. Especially for retakers, I wonder how your feelings and actual scores correlated in previous level 2 exams. Best.

I felt 100% pass out of the gate, now I’m feeling 60-70% confident. Anything is possible though, but I felt/feel good about my results. On LI, I had mixed feelings (killed AM, struggled PM), and thought I was borderline but got all but two >70 (two 51-70 - I think Quant and Corp Fin).

I’m a retaker and I feel about 75% confident I passed. Last year I thought it was a coin-flip and I wound up in band 9.

over a month out from the exam, and i feel even less confident than after i took it. THinking i just missed it - band 10 most likely


Just like level 1, I would be surprised if I didn’t pass it. I would say 90% chance pass.

>50% confident of a pass

I’m definately a band 7 - 10 guy…I hope i dont eat these words and get band 5

Borderline. I walked out of the exam feeling fairly confident, but now I don’t think I passed. Or maybe i’m just telling myself this so I won’t be too upset if I find out I failed.

Thought I failed L1 last year, got >70% all sections but Ethics. Got taken pretty good on L2 - Alt. assets and derivatives took a nice bite out of my passing possibility, but I am guessing somewhere between Band 8 - barely pass. Pretty much borderline

Feeling pretty good 80% Got a 70% exactly on the mock exam, with 3-4 vignettes that a completely bombed (<50%) Didn’t do as well as I wanted in FSA and equities in the mock. For the actual test I may have had only 1 (2 max) vignettes with <50%. I felt great about the heavily weighted areas like Equities and FSA.

Felt pretty good about L1 in December and got >70 on all sections. However, for L2, I think I’m right on the bubble. If i passed it will be close and if I fail it’s likely to be close.

20% pass, 80% fail

70% sure that I passed…would be really surprised if I didnt

50-50 I don’t think, I pray and hope :slight_smile: thas I’ve passed. For Level 1 I was a little bit more confident than for Level 2.

30% pass, 80% fail Maybe but I don’t think so.

^ The important thing is you gave it 110%.

I think I failed!

…this retaker feels more confident this year but still place myself as a 50-50 on even days and 60- 40 on odd days.

I am completely lost on this one. Some days I feel confident even though reason says no way . I have no clue