Do You Think You Will Pass??

Well ladies and gents, it looks like d-day is fast approaching. Personally i’m ready to crush this exam. How’s everyone feeling so far? Are you ready? What kind of score are you aiming for? Any regrets?


Yes. I will pass. I can’t WAIT for June 6. Bring. it. on.

Band 10 or 9

I think I will pass this time around. I also think a lot of people on this board will pass too. Goodluck to all!

If I fail it’s gonna be due to economics & Quant,I wish I can clear the cutoff in these two…I don’t want to reappear in dec. I know I started late but past 4 months have been a pain,my personal and social life is screwed:( btw I’m not aware of the concept of “Band”,what is that?

Doesn’t matter. You don’t wanna be in one.

I’m not sure if I’ll pass. Ethics and Econ are my weak points. Will try to do as many questions as possible over the next week.

I really hope that I pass. Coz after trying so hard if I fail, it is going to be a tragedy. Hope all of you in this forum pass too. Btw, in my country (Bangladesh) the exam is on the 7th coz of time difference I guess.

Although i have revised full curriculum once and some parts many times , but still i find new things every time i revise :open_mouth: . Whatever results may be , next time i’m not going to revise from CFAI , it’s so painful to revise from ton of crap .

reckon i will. deserve to. but not worried. if i fail, the december one won’ t be that much work. in the mean-time, could understand the core of L2, ready for next year. so long as i sit L2 next june, i’m happy.

No i doubt it Mock exam mock 1 morning 52% mock 1 afternoon 74% mock 2 morning 70% mock 2 afternoon 68% CFA sample 55% :frowning: i want to kill my self !!! since first of FEB to today i didn’t have a day off … studying 3 - 6 hours a day weekends i study 4 hours morning time 4 -6 night i don’t know what i am doing wrong !!! I’m very good at portfolio management , Equity and Ethics very weak on Derivatives, Fixed income and Corporate finance:( ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so angry ill try to keep reminding my self they is always DECEMBER 2009

Don’t stress out about low scores entering the exam next week. People make a lot of careless mistakes, try to avoid those come exam day. This is my 2nd time doing level 1, and I can tell you that I was not hitting 70% on schweser and was a band 10. DON’T think there’s no hope. My tips from last decembers experience - review GIPS on the way to the exam - time is NOT an issue, take your time to review and don’t stress - Know the qualitative aspects of Quants - FSA - DON’T overwork yourself if you don’t understand DFA/DFL & Leases (it’s only 2-3 questions MAX). Time is better spent on reviewing Ethics and FSA. - Stay isolated from people during your lunch break instead of getting worked up on a potential problem you might have missed out on. Lets do this!

I’m confident I will pass.

I’ve never failed an exam in my life, apart from my driving test (twice-not my fault both times i add), i intend to keep that record!

haha, goodluck kurupt!

I’m really tempted to get an mp3 player and load it up with football chants off youtube to get myself charged right before the exam, get that adrenaline pumping. does anyone else do random sh*t like that to get themselves ready?

I watch clips of ‘Remember the Titans’ to get me pumped

June 2008 - Band 1 Dec 2008 - Band 7 June 2009 - ??? (PASS)@# I really don’t know. I have given up 1 and a half years of my life to this. No girlfriend , made a bit of money from the market but no car, no house. So I think I am pitiful enough to pass this… :slight_smile:

skylancer im pretty sure everyone hates their life its all good.