Does anyone know where to find the past exams on the CFA website?

Trying to locate the past exams on the CFA website. Only seeing the mock exam and practice questions. Does anyone know where to find the past exams?

Candidate resources bruv they’re buried in a weird link under there. Sorry I don’t have access anymore but click around and you’ll find it.

Thank you! Is it just three past exams they provide ?

That’s all they provide. You can probably search google or AF and find others if you’re that kinda guy

I have like the last 20 years’ worth. send me a PM with your email and ill send it.

is the 2018 pm paper up, can anyone send that to me?

It wont be until like January/Feb of 2019.

Typically the current year’s Level III morning session questions & guideline answers are published around the end of December.

I can’t wait to see the 2018 paper again, lol.

i’m not…

You’re telling me there are no questions that you’re curious to know what the answers were?

I got bigger fish to fry homie…like trying to figure out how Kawai Leonard is going to fit in the offensive structure of the Toronto Raptors this off-season :slight_smile:

Being a CFA member do we get access to past L3 papers (even we are not L3 candidate?) I would love to see that paper again

I believe the answer is no :confused:

ahahaha, that a a lot of work :-)… I am seating here; I am kind dont have a team this year. My kids and wife are not lakers fans. You can quickly figure out why. I guess I will have to settle for the local team " The Pacers".

There is definitely 1 question from AM that would like to see the answers for… question is whether I would remember how I solved it :confused:

Another Torontonian. This is the most exciting Raptors team (minus Lowry) since the VC days. I’ve betting high he is going to sign long-term here.

Well, it’s still better than my local team…the Wizards. At lest you guys had super stars (PG), I feel like the Wizards are just so status quo every year. We never sign anyone big. John Wall is great but he’s no super star without support. Personally, I don’t see the Lakers going anywhere this year. All these guys they picked up in the off-season are meh, so-so at best. Lebron needs the ball, Rondo needs the ball, Stephenson DEFINITELY needs the ball as well so how is that going to work? I guess I’m still a Spurs fan. We run an offensive style structure in our league bball club and it’s great when you can transform average dad-type players into much better plays that can contend with the “super stars” in our league :slight_smile:

Kawai going to do you guys some good. He’s like the most under-rated quiet player I’ve ever seen. Guess he’s been in Pop’s shadown for way too long and needed some sunshine.

Kawai is a finals MVP, and multiple all-star as voted by fans. He was offered a max deal which he turned down, and is sponsored by Nike. How exactly is he under-rated?