does bodybuilding cause high blood pressure?

One week ago i got my BP evaluated by my doctor and the results were 160/100.My doctor was surprised that my BP was so high at such a young age.After careful examination of my body he gave me few medicines(to lower my BP)and recommended tests like TSH,lipd profile,Sugar,Creatinine etc…etc. and asked me to meet him on 11/3/2014 (which was unfortunately today).

I was quite confident this morning as my blood reports were perfectly normal.At 10 a.m i went to the doctor’s clinic and got my reports evaluated by him.The doctor was quite happy with my blood reports as it were perfectly normal.However my BP was still 155/90.The doctor advised me to stop “weight training” for atleast 3 months completely and again gave me few medicines to lower my BP.

To be honest i am surprised that “body building may lead to high BP”.I have my personal gym at my home and i do heavy weight training 4 days a week and 3 days of cardio (1 hr each daily) so it equals to 4 hrs of weight training and 3 hrs of cardio weekly.I take no supplements.

So what do you think???Does body building leads to High BP??I love weight training and i am not planning to quit it at any cost.

What would you have done if you were in my situation.

Not to go into semantics with an Indian but there is a difference bt weight training and bodybuilding which may be important to differentiate.

Send a link to a youtube vid of you squatting, i’ll be able to diagnose everything from HIV to Cancer based on your form.

according to some research, laughter helps decrease blood pressure so keep digging up those hilarious jokes, bro. it’s terapeutic

Not getting into a debate with a troll here are few important points:

bodybuilding = focus on aesthetics and size. strength gains are for the purpose of progressive overload for hypertrophy powerlifting = focus on strength. size gains are for the purpose of lifting heavier weights weightlifting = what you do when you’re in the gym imo bodybuilding and weight training overlap in many respects, but are entirely different sports.Still a laymen does use this terms interchangeably.

I donot need to upload my vids of squatting or any thing for you.I donot need you to diagonise me either as i am already paying my doctors for that job.If you really want to help me without trolling then please advice what will be your reaction if you ever face a similar situation.

Yes, it also causes hair loss. Do u want to be the short, buff, bald guy?

Why did you include a picture of a blood pressure monitor?

Honest advice absent all trolling, change your diet or supplements. If you do believe it is caused by your regiment, use complex, mutli body part movements instead of isolation exercises. Finally, stress and lack of sleep probably play a role too - minimize and maximize respectfully. Having said all this, im sure you probably already knew all this and thus, the only value i could add was innocent trolling.

Rahul, I’ve been waiting all day for a new post in the joke thread. I’ve been refreshing the page every minute.

Posting a youtube of me squatting cured my mono, don’t knock it.

If you were tested soon after an intense weight training session, your blood pressure could definitely be elevated. That is not abnormal. Do nothing and test again.

I once tested as anemic because I was on a heavy weight cycle back when I was purely focused on strength. I could not get enough iron in to statisfy the muscle growth and that’s how it showed up. A week later it was normal.


Scanned image of deleterious BP diagnosis or it didn’t happen.


I donot know honestly.I just felt like posting a photo of BP monitor.

My iron levels in blood are perfectly normal.My BP was measured 12 hrs after my work out so i don’t think that intense work outs elevated my BP.

I have uploaded a new joke for you…enjoy.

OOHHH…I never knew weight lifting can cause hair fall…

No it doesn’t, unless you’re taking androgens, you will be fine.

Using basic science, going to the gym will raise your testosterone. Testosterone leads to the formation of DHT which attacks hair follicles right? just asking, not really sure

I interned at a company that makes generics for a hair loss drug called proscar or something. Heard some crazy things about that drug.