Does the credit card statement mention the level you have registrered for? plz reply asap

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Yes, it does.

No, for me it was not mentioned. The transaction details had only “CFA Institute” mentioned.

Just checked, only says “CFA Institute”. Who are you trying to decieve :smiley: ?

my dad :stuck_out_tongue:

so you told him you are taking level III but you are taking level II?



or maybe it was his employer

Could be both. Am always amazed by the youngsters out there, driving 6figure cars and basically hanging out all day. There is a lot of that kind here in Switzerland…

I always was under the impression that behavior applied to all people in Switzerland…

So the definitive answer is . . . maybe.

am pretty sure am not gonna pass… unless all of my guesses are correct … so am gonna have to lie… and am not really happy about it… :frowning:

haha I have been preparing my father for an unfavorable result for a month now so I am good :smiley:

How old are you people? 12? Why does it matter what your dad thinks?

^LOL. It’s really difficult when everyone around you thinks “you’re so smart, I’m sure you passed!”. Some of my colleagues know I took the exam, but my employer/boss doesn’t know. I try my best to limit the amount of people who know what I’m doing so the hypothetical “I failed” talk happens less.

Edit: directed at the comment 2 places up.

Many are fresh Uni grads and their parents still foot the bill for some things like these MBA,CFA etc. Shit, I know 30+ yr olds whose parent still pay their rent…

I am sorry but I think you missed the joke :smiley:

A man shyly enters a Swiss bank and approachs the clerk at the counter

I want to deposit money - he whispers.

How much? - the clerk whispers back.

3 million in cash.

Hearing that the clerk lightens up - Dear sir, you need not whisper. Poverty is no crime in Switzerland.