Does ur firm pay for your CFA fee?

I am thinking abt asking for funding from my department this year. Can u pls tell me your diplomatic way of asking for funding? Tks

Just ask about the deparmtent’s policy regarding the CFA exam/charter. If I were you, I would prefer days off instead of funding. They might pay for your CFA but if they overwork you in the month before the exam, you could end up easily failing.

Yes, time off is important. What’s a couple of thousand dollars vs. having to repeat another year. If there is no policy at your work, I would suggest to your manager the benefits to the company in your learning. They always want to hear whats in it for them. If that doesn’t work, use re-imbursement as a negotiation tool. My manager was not able to give me a raise (they provide accomodation which went up) so I suggested CFA fees in lieu of cash. It’s not much but it saved me out of pocket expenses!

My company paid for it (only after passing), but the days off were all out of my vacation.

my firm didnt pay sh!t and i had to use my own vacation. they told me they wouldnt pay because they thought i might leave after i finish L2 or L3. ironically, the firm’s complete lack of support is one of the reasons that makes me want to leave.

My company paid for everything related to the CFA and gave me the 4 days off before the exam. About a month before the exam my lunch = study time (not everyday) and they were cool with that, too.

I think the policy of “pay if pass” sounds fair. DirtyZ Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > My company paid for it (only after passing), but > the days off were all out of my vacation.

My company paid for everything and provided 10 days study leave for each level.

We get reimbursed if we pass, plus we get 5 days off for free… It’s a pretty sweet deal.

Wow, I’m jealous of you guys that get paid days off…that would be sweet!

Firm pays for exam fees, up to $1500 per level in study materials, and 2 paid study days

For the people that firms do not pay, are you in asset management/financial advisory?

$1900 for Level 1 max reimbursment $1700 for levels 2 and 3. 2 paid study day 1/2 of exam fee reimbursed after you pass, everything else is up front. with the way that books are bundled with the exam, I looked at the receipts to properly itemize.

Paid for exam fees and study materials, plus time off; all up-front. Small bonus for passing each level as well.

my firm doesnt have a company wide policy… aka doesnt pay. although, some groups will pay out of their own budget/cost center. i’m not so lucky. my manager did have a quick meeting to recognize that i passed L1. gave me some flowers so that was nice.

^ same here. $0 reimbursement.

I was thinking about it - I prefer when the company only pays after passing. This extra $2-3k incentive makes it hard to slack on the studying. It worked for L1 and L2…I’m hoping it works for L3 (new company, same policy).

They pay for it if I pass

IF your firm is promoting you as “The new CFA Charter holder” or “Our Portfolio Manager Willy is a Chartered Financial Analyst” or asking you to have your assistant write it on your cards then it should be they who pay for it yes --> The FIRM is deriving benefit through the implicity “use” of the CFA designation and should pay fees directly to AIMR…although it has always been my belief that we should also get $1000 as a one time cash gift. Willy

My firm paid for everything. It was something that I worked out with my boss rather than a firm policy. I also had four day paid vacation/training for study time. Our firm has a set CPE hour requirements but doesn’t have a structured CPE curriculum. So I counted this study time as CPE.