Done studying...

Hi All, I started early for Dec 09 and I will be done studying this week. I am planning to do 2 more revisions by end of October and I want to focus only on exams for the whole of November. I used Schweser notes for studying the whole time except for Ethics which I used the CFA book. As part of the second revision, I want to go through the notes again and use Qbank after every topic. For the third revision, I want to use the Schweser secret sauce book. Does this sound like a good revision plan? I would really welcome your input on this and please let me know if I need to do things differently. Thanks a lot!!

Sounds like a decent plan- you need to go over everything a few times to actually be able to remember it. You’ll notice you forgot a lot when you review everything. Your third review should be the same as your second review, although it should take less time (more comfortable with the material, skip things you already know, etc.) The secret sauce is good, but should only take 1-2 days to get through, so I’d make it your ‘fourth review’, as it doesn’t take that long. Spending November on exams is the right idea. Good luck!

sbmarti2, Thanks for your input. I understand you should take as many practice exams as possible in November. I work full-time and I can spend 6 hours a day on a weekday and planning to take off the last week of November. But realistically, how much is possible? 20 maybe? Thanks!

yea you’re finishing waaay too early. The goal is to have read all the material by about 10th so that you can spend a solid 6-7 weeks reviewing and taking mocks and doing QBANK.

I would read the CFAI books for FSA

whoa whoa whoa … c’mon you can’t be serious … what do you mean done studying … I’ve just completed ethics and quant from the CFAI texts … God, these youngsters are crazy …

Hi sbkrish76… Just would like to know how far have you reached with Qbank. Have you been using it while studying or you just plan to do it while revising Thanks

Supersunny138, I actually been using it for the topics I couldnt understand or couldnt just get it. But I plan to do every Qbank for every topic while revising. Thanks!

omg your’e done? jeez! that’s great. How confident are you that you understand the concepts? Definitely Qbank i heard is the best to review and nail the exam.

My God!!! Now I really feel like a slacker: I’ve only completed Ethics and should be completing Quants in the next day or two. I’m hoping you’re just being more safe than sorry. Otherwise I’m in hot water.

Not feel the heat just yet. You have sometime to go. Concentration and dedication will get you through. As part of my revision I am also watching youtube videos about topics which is helping me big time. Plus, QBank is the way to go… Thanks!

sbkrish, youtube videos, really? for what topic

I was looking at Economics and OMG this professor who was teaching was awesome. The way he taught it, I think it will be stuck in my head for the rest of my life. Try searching from the username “pajholden”.

What? Done? That panics me a bit, not knowing where I should be in this process for a reasonable chance at success. I have read through (and 95% understood) Ethics, Quant and Economics but still need to really learn the subjects and practice with questions and examples. Would posters recommend reviewing and strengthening these first sections, or, powering on with sections not worrying about review/practicing/memorizing formulas etc until a later date? Cheers.

No need to panic. Just study consistently at steady pace. Make notes, identify weak points etc. I had registered in late Feb and got my calculator in March which gave me 3 months to study. I thought I was very well prepared b4 my exams and the real exam was a breeze.

Great. I would like to know how many hours you put in and where you stand (what are you scoring on mock exams). Just remember that you will start forgetting thing unless you review them. Hell, if you have the time start doing L2 so you can knock that out in 2010 as well.

I think reviewing for 3 times with QBank will set you up nicely. More than the reviews I think spending more time doing the exams will be the ultimate test. My friend who passed L1 recently keep saying that more exams you do the better you will be prepared for the exam. I am dedicating the whole of November for the exams.

you’re finished studying… ok now I’m panicking

Im done with all the reading but plan on continuously going over the material for the next 2.5 months before I start doing practice exams. I will be constantly reading over everything i have highlighted in the reading. I dont know how you could possibly keep everything fresh in your mind to take a test 4 months from now if you stop studying/reviewing.

I havent even started studying…but my background is mostly economics and finance…you think I will be ready by December?