I had a dream within a dream and when i woke up i felt incredibly refreshed


was there a hacksaw involved?

What do you think is more invigorating when you wake up? A deep dream or meditation?

How do you know that you actually woke up? Maybe you are still dreaming.

The interesting question is whether the solutions you invent in a dream can apply in your waking world. Perhaps I am part of your dream, in which case, I’d like you to dream up a few improvements for me, if it’s all the same to you…

You do realize that elapsed time in the 2nd level of your dream is 20 times that of the 1st level?

So if you slept/dreamt for 8hrs then your dream within a dream probably lasted almost a week. WTF did you do for a week??

I remember one occasion when I had this exam and I needed to get up at 6 am, and in my dream I was constantly watching my alarm, and it was: 5:15, then 5:30, etc … so I was dreaming that I was just fine. Then I wake up in the exact same position as in my dream and it was like 8am in my real-world, f*cked-up alarm. Fuuuuuu

I like the old song from ‘Heart’ called ‘These Dreams’… also the song from Iron Maiden "Infinite Dreams’.

^ I used to dream of Nancy Wilson.

Oh you guys like fat chicks?

^ That’s Ann Wilson.

I would like to contribute two important points here.

One, I love fat chicks. Bouncy bouncy.

Two, I dreamt today morning that I showed up at the CFA exam sans any pencils, calculator or passport. For real. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!

One.5: I’ve heard of meditation but if you really do it, would appreciate on how to start. If I sit down and close my eyes it’s just closing my eyes, I’ve no way to shut off my thoughts.

Nancy Wilson (the Blonde Wilson Sister) was the ultimate, especially before her 80’s look, during the Magic Man days in the 70s. And she really knew how to dance while playing the electric guitar.

I wash I were into fat chicks; you guys are lucky.

Although I passed all 3 exams, I still have dreams (or nightmares) every month that I am writing level 3 and I’m not prepared. Maybe it’s the time I’m spending here.

I know i woke up, but how many times did i wake up? That i dont remember

It’s a bit more complicated. Basically weight has been given way too much weight in American culture, (at the risk of sounding homophobic) by women and gay men, it doesn’t tally with a heterosexual guy’s natural red-blooded instincts. Heroin chic leaves me cold, as does morbid obesity. Any chick in between gets judged on her face, T&A, smile, hair, complexion, attitude, personality and so on. In terms of determinants of beauty, weight and height are barely above length of nails or presence/absence of tramp stamps.

No doubt about this point.

Also, if anyone has seen the recent Heart concert on AXS, they can still get it done. I didn’t realize they were such legit musicians.

Wow, did I just tell everyone I watched a Heart concert on TV? I’ll show myself out now.

Me too. I prefer well balanced and proportionate, of course, but if that’s not an option, I’d much prefer someone bigger to heroin chick or anorexia girl’s bag of bones. As one Latin American friend said to me: “better a little too much than much to little” (approx). In Spanish “Mejor un excesso de lo que una falta.” (I took some license with the translation to make it flow better).