Dress code?

Is there any dress code on the exam-day- formals, smart casuals etc? ’ I guess not given that I am anyway going to get stripped by the kind of questions CFA is going to shoot at me!

Yes, make sure you have no bags (handbag for instance) and no mobile, and have pockets large enough to carry your calculator and pencils and all the other allowed things you might want to bring (earplugs etc). If you bring your own lunch, bring it in a bag by all means, but expect to leave it somewhere outside. When I took the Level I exam there was a guarded area where people left their stuff (it was all one huge big pile of clothes and bags), the proctors locked the room and it didn’t open until the first break.

I’ll be wearing a mankini and a holster for my calculator.

I meant dress code- as in formals, casuals, sneakers, bermudas etc? any idea?

suit and tie is preferable. just kidding - dude i showed up in sweat pants and a t-shirt.

your favorite garter and jeans works just fine…wait wrong forum

assume that it may be either 40 degrees or 100 degrees in the test center…wear multiple layers for all scenarios. Would not recommend sandals or flip flops.

suit and tie or else you WILL NOT be allowed in. Sometimes you can get away with not having cufflinks and not shaving, but it depends on the proctor.

jasonms Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Would not recommend sandals or flip flops. Why not? I want my toes to breathe!! I assume it’s going to be scorching hot.

4Tay, Don’t assume that, I took the exam in Washington DC last year, it was 98 outside and about 55 in the convention center, had to wear a sweatshirt.

ok… I guess I’ll wear pants with big pockets and stuff thick wool socks inside. Wool socks + sandals. How’s that for a fashion statement?!

http://www.thehalogod.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/spartansuit1.jpg yep. that will do it.

Quick question: Can I use a mechanical #2 pencil, or do I have to bring in sharpened old school pencils. It seems outdated.

mechanical pencils are fine.

Straight from the CFA Website: DRESS CODE Red Banana Hammock Reebok Pumps Snap Bracelet Bowtie Do-rag No shirts allowed

Bring more than one pencil, the tip might break and a mechanical pencil might jam.

Note to all Wearing a suit made out of Glad wrap or Saran wrap to the CFA exam may not allow you to gain entry.

aussie_jaco Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Note to all > > Wearing a suit made out of Glad wrap or Saran wrap > to the CFA exam may not allow you to gain entry. Personal experience?

Does anyone think a gimp suit would not be appropriate for L1? I

You will be suprised by the number of sweatpants you see on exam day.