Earliest Age to Have Sex?

This week Chris Brown said he lost his virginity as an 8 year old!

Now that the above fact has sunk in. Is this too young? When do you think people are prepared for that step? I know I’m more on the nerdy end of things, but I thought HS was still young.

Did Jay - Z molest him?

I dunno. I was 17.

I remember hearing stories at 12 or 13, when I was in 6th grade.

I think most people probably pop the cherry in high school, but it’s not until college that you start doing it pretty freely.

I was 14 but now that I have kids, I can’t even begin to imagine them losing it at 14. Makes me queasy to think about.

Father of a young daughter and younger son here. Boys are good to go at 12 (even younger if she’s a smoking hot teacher) and girls are good to go when I’m dead.

Chris Brown? I wouldnt beleive anything that thug says…8 years old? Please.

Are you saying that if your son’s teacher was an NFL cheerleader and she “raped” him, you wouldn’t press charges?

My, how torturous it must be to get “raped” by one of America’s Sweethearts at age 12.

I would start to question your son’s sexuality at that point.

Honestly though, at 8 years old or even 12, how many males have gone through puberity? Probably not that many unless you are one of those early bloomers.

^I might agree with you at 8. But I was in 7th grade when I was 12. I had to make it a point to hide boners every time I got the privelige of looking down another 12 year old girl’s shirt. I could have definitely lasted a whole six seconds with an NFL cheerleader.

Now that I think about it–I’m 33. I bet I would still last six seconds with an NFL cheerleader.

I was 19. Chris Brown got an 11 year start on me. I’m cool. I’m definitely a late bloomer though, I just got the ability to grow a beard. I was thinking maybe junior year of HS would be a good age as a rule of thumb.

TV Scene with the guys with kids on this forum:

Father turns to son, “Hey buddy, you’re 12 now, go out there and prick all those sl*ts in your grade.” Father turns to daughter and gives evil stare so she runs back in her room and hides under the bed.

My cousin is married a former NFL cheerleader (he had started dating her before she got the gig). I imagine you would get used to it.

That sounds about right. I was 18, though it wasn’t really by choice that it took until then.

Data seems to support (or at least not refute) the “hot teacher” hypothesis. Consider that 14-year-old boys are about twice as likely to have have had sex compared to 14-year-old girls. Either these 14-year-old boys are doing it with older women, or the same 14-year-old girls are doing 2 guys on average.

This should be a topic itself. Does man get bored of even the hottest piece over an extended period of time, say 1 year.

Remember the old saying, “no matter how hot she is, someone is tired of fucking her”

^I think they call it the Coolidge Effect.

In my high school, it was more likely the latter

Ditto. Town bicycle…

I would say: same girl doing multiple guys. If a girl is already sex active at age 14, I highly doubt she’s in the mindset of love and devotion to 1 guy.

Is it possible (however unlikely) that teen boys are more likely to lie and say that they HAVE had sex, and that teen girls are more likely to lie and say that they have NOT had sex?