Early start?

If they’re the same as 2007, then the topic weightings for us should be close to the following. Topic---------------------------------------------------------------Wgt. =========================================== Ethical & Professional Stnds…10% Quantitative Analysis…5% Economics…5% Financial Statement Analysis/Corporate Finance…30% Equity Analysis…20% Fixed Income Analysis…10% Derivatives/Alternative Asset Valuation…10% General Portfolio Management …10% I got the curriculum a few days ago, but Schweser said that the L2 materials won’t be delivered until “November-ish.” I’m considering whether or not I should wait until then to start studying. When are you planning to get back on the wagon?

I’ve already started. To me, the Level 2 materials appear to be extremely challenging. I’m starting off now studying two or three days a week. I’ll probably crank it up to five in October when my Schweser Study Notes arrive.

Craziest thread I’ve ever seen.

Crazy? Some of us want to knock out these exams before 2011.

THE EXAM IS IN JUNE. It’s not crazy…more dumb.

completely out of control. I started studying in january for LI which is too early. I begin the day after the super bowl now. 4 months is plenty. You can read the full curriculum two-three times and hit all the q bank or whatever questions you practice on. If you still dont pass then better luck next year.

Yea i am getting annoyed with these level 1 people. haha

i started 1 hr ago. i like the log linear in quant and just read up on EV/EBITDA multiples in the big ass equity book. it is huge!!!

I agree, you guys are nuts! I just made it thru L1 and the last thing on my mind is cracking open an L2 volume til December…man. Preseason is starting, girls are still at the beaches in bikinis, the last place I wanna be is making love to my Quant book this fall. Good luck to you all, loonies.

hahah wow if you need to start studying now for a 6 hour exam in June you’re pretty much hopeless.

At this point, it is possible that some people taking the 2009 Level II exam have already studied for 6-12 months, lol.

honestly if you’re going to study this early, i would get someone’s schweser’s from last year and photocopy the summary at the end of each section. just get a familiarity with alot that’s out there… heavy studying from now i think risks that it will reduce your intensity in the last few months which is basically when it matters.

uhhh I think you need to put down the books and get l@!d. No one will make fun of you if you have to pay for it…seriously…its ok

i know dudes with PhDs that fail level 2. i am taking this momma serious. I spent my college years with ridiculous women, sometimes hopping from one dorm to the next and using back doors to make quick getaways… and my early 20s in NYC making it rain at clubs. at 29, it is time to get serious. Im gonna crush level 2 and yes, i already started studying.

“i know dudes with PhDs that fail level 2. i am taking this momma serious.” I know dudes with PhDs that make $80,000/year.

Turkish Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > “i know dudes with PhDs that fail level 2. i am > taking this momma serious.” > > I know dudes with PhDs that make $80,000/year. explain. my point is about difficulty of exam, you brought in a tangential pt about income. heh?

actually I found his point both non-tangential and compelling, think hard daj, apply the concept of outliers…

I started early last year too, but I at least started when I got the Schweser books. Starting now will just guarantee that you will read those books you started with one extra time.

daj224 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > using back doors to make quick getaways… You got with women and dudes? > and my early 20s in NYC making it rain at clubs. Golden showers? For some reason daj224, I envision you as a muppet with bushy hair and crazy eyes.

bostonkev Wrote: ---------------------------------------------- >For some reason daj224, I envision >you as a muppet with bushy hair >and crazy eyes. ========================== You mean Manny Ramirez.