Elan Guides Mock Exams

Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster here.

Sat for LI last year and failed band 8 (used Kaplan). This time i have spent more time using the curriculum but I am now looking for some solid review materials. I’ve heard great things about the Eleventh Hour Guide and am pretty sure I’ll get that, but was wondering if any of you could shed some light on the quality of Elan’s mock exams.

Thanks in advance for feedback. Good luck

I used elan mocks for June 12 and their quality was great. Tried schweser’s volume 1 also but they were just average so didn’t feel that confident after attempting them.

They’re very intense. My head would hurt after taking them… especially mock exam 3. If you can spare the cash and have the time, they’re definitely worth getting.

Lol that happens. How much you are scoring so far?

Plz give link ti download elan mock exam plz

You’ll find them here:


an-alyst, I’m using Elan mocks right now but want to do some more - is Schweser vol 1 good enough or should I check out another provider’s? To me, Elan is more difficult than qbank.

Well if you have enough time then i guess there is no harm in trying Schweser’s vol 1. If you haven’t already finished all the elan mocks then it’d be better if you first finish schweser’s vol 1 then complete the remaining elan mocks and then the CFAIs. This is exactly what i did.

Also remember that it is very important to revise and brush up your weaker areas than just attempting the mocks, so don’t give more than two mocks per week.

Are they free ? elan mocks

Are elan questions tougher than scswer q bank ?

Didn’t try out their mocks but their practice questions were really great. Back then when i was studying for Level I, schweser’s end of chap questions plus their qbank gave me a false sense of comfort that i’m nailing down the readings and then later i had trouble in solving EOC questions of curriculum. Maybe that happened because the material was pretty new to me the first time and i made a mistake of not solving the curriculum questions right after each reading.

Anyway, i personally found the quality of elan’s questions far superior than that of schweser’s. Unlike schwerser’s, elan’s questions are not that calculation-intensive and plug-and-chug type questions. They really drill you on the core concepts- just the thing you need for exam purposes.

As it doesn’t hurt to practice as much as possible, so i suggest one should go for both if they have enough time on their hands.

Have you tried portfolio management question of ELAN ? They are just 2 tough

Yeah I have a heard time remembering all the different lines

Thank you for the feedback guys. I just took Elan mock 1 and scored.75%. I made a lot of silly mistakes but was also lucky to get some guesses right. How much are you guys scoring? They’re definitely different from schweser and arguably harder. Can anyone who has taken the cfa mock make a comparison re style of questions and difficulty?

75% on elan mock is a pretty good score. You seems well prepared !! My scores for June for elan were falling in between 66% - 73% range. Scored in 80s in CFAI mock after that. I found CFAI mock easier!

PS: Don’t count your lucky guesses and then have a look at your score again.

i bought the elan guides mocks yest. i gave the first mock n socored 65%…i was scoring around the same avg on the schwser mocks as well. I wouldnt say elan mocks are harder than schwser but they are not easier as well. elan does test ur core concept better than schweser i think. i also did the cfai mock n found it way easier! I would recommend anyone who can pay the extra cash n get them…the more questions u do… the better u will perform on the actual test!


I just took the morning Elan mock too, the morning one was rather interesting. The Elan mocks actually say that they are more conceptual than the real CFA exam and if you’re scoring above 65% you should be ‘quite happy’.

That said, I scored 63%. I’ve been used to slightly higher scores in the Schweser mocks…

I’ll be reviewing my incorrect answers right now!

I took at afternoon session of Elan 1 and got 70%.

Wait till you get to Mock 2 afternoon and Mock 3… pwnification!

Mock 2, monring…70% exactly again!!! Argh! i want 75% please. FRA and FI need some work.