Elan Guides, Schweser, Finquiz

I’m trying to decide on which one.

Here’s a little about me. I come from a marketing background. So prior to level 1 I had pretty much no finance knowledge.

I will be pressed for time, so I plan on just skipping the CFAI readings and use the providers mentioned above. Can those who use these please help me out?

Elan Guides are half Schweser price, so is Schweser that much better than Elan?

Obviously Schweser has got that brand value and people have used it for many years…

Elan is good too as we have read positive reviews in the site! But they have a habit of coming up with notes late if I am not wrong…

I used finquiz and found it very decent and one half the price of the rest.

I would suggest you giving a reading of old materials which would be available in the net and decide for yourself which material you are comfortable with. Sorry, not a great answer - but sorry mate I dont think this is the template answer most of us can unfortunately give. As there are pros and cons with every provider.

Since you had messaged me about Finquiz. Pls have a look at this thread, where people have explained what they think as well!



Which level study notes do you need? I have bunch of old notes (Schweser and CFAI) and willing to give them away for free (if you pay shipment). Let me know if it’s something you would be interested in.

I would like the schwesser notes if possible. I can pay you through paypal

Bumping this thread, it didn’t seem to get much discussion.

Thoughts anybody?

I’m using a cocktail of providers

Notes - Schweser, I like their layout and usage of a lot of example problems between text.

QBank - Finquiz. They do questions in vignette format.

Videos - Elan. You can’t beat Peter Olinto from what I’ve heard.

Practice Exams - Schweser + the Finquiz ones I got as part of practice package with QBank.

One last thing. Don’t be afraid to negotiate for discount if you mix it up a bit. I got a 30% on Finquiz stuff because I told them I was buying from multiple providers and didn’t want to pay premium.

At the price of all this + CFAI fees minus the tax deductions, it’s still peanuts cheap compared to doing a masters or MBA.

I agree with CleverCFA’s appraoch here and followed something similar.

In fact I took videos from multiple providers who provide per topic video… Did Arif for Fixed Income and the rest from Schweser and some from Eten finance…

Spend enough time to find out your best way as CleverCFA has done… My choice might not be suitable for you, so its best to tend the path on your own and find out what suits you…


I bought ARIF video pakage for 200$ for L2. Just finished first reading of derivatives.

But where can i get questions of finquiz q bank free wink

You cant get that vicky because its online qbank cool

And IMHO finquiz Qbank access is so cheap (in cost) anyway…

I agree with CleverCFA and am also doing a hodge podge of providers. Only need to figure out who to use for videos - stuck between Schweser and Elan.

My only thoughts about FinQUiz - I’m pretty disappointed by their delay in releasing notes - was originally scheduled for early Sept and they are still missing a handful of readings - unacceptable and not someone I’d risk my prep with in the future.