ELAN Study Notes are SO DANG GOOD!

Just received my order of Elan study guides for the 2014 L2 Exam…

I had finished all the CFAI books a few weeks ago and now I begin studying ELAN from the beginning.

Let me tell you… having struggled with CFAI books for 3-4 months… ELAN is a walk in the park and is so damn enjoyable to read… I HIGHLY reccomend using it. Also, the practice questions that supplement the book are extremely helpful and spot on to what will be seen on the exam.

Did you get all of them? I only got the first two…

hey I will… i only got the first 2 books also… when are the rest coming? they say December but I dont know

I didn’t get the other books as well. On the study notes, they still have sections that aren’t finished.

Make sure you guys get the 11th Hour guide when it’s out, best value for money i’ve seen so far.

Hey, how is the 11th hour guide for Level 1?


You have already finished all the CFAI books? That’s pretty intense…

Now I really feel like I have been slacking

Do the practice questions come along with the text or are you printing them off online?

I completely agree. CFAI books are good, but were a little difficult to get through for some subjects. ELAN videos/study guides have been cementing the concepts for me. Hopefully we get the rest of the study guides soon…

interesting, i have never used Elan, i am very intrigued…

i wish everyone good luck with studying! after the holidays time goes by very fast~

Quite great! I used it extensively during the last month of my prep.

Hi guys,

Can someone post a link to the website where the Elan guides can be purchased for L2?


Look on the bionic turtle site for some online discount codes. I don’t know how good the 11th hour is for L1 because I didn’t use Elan back then, but hey, at $60 a hard copy compared to $99 for secret sauce, it’s worth the try I think.

is it just me… or does elan guides NEVER anwser their phones? Straight to voicemail? wtf

I never tried calling, but their replies to emails are pretty consistent.

I emailed them and received a response right back - they are shipping out the remaining study guides the end of this month.

The correct website to order the guides from is elanguides.com or elanSguides.com? The website spelled without the “s” at elan doesn’t yet offer the June 2014 Level 2 guides, while the one spelled “elans” does. One website prices at $250 while the other $150. Which is the correct one?

If you type in elan guides into your browser it will automatically link you to the following address: http://www.elansguides.com/

you have to change the drop down in the upper right hand corner to Level II