Emails on membership

Are all Level 3 candidates receiving emails from CFA Institute asking them to register for CFA membership as well as Local Society membership?

Is there any need of registering before getting to se the results?

That means that you passed they got your results!

This is pretty weird man.

I mean, how dumb will it feel to ask for references and then potenetially fail the test? So awkward.

My sentiments too…

Are you joking? is that your feeling after getting the email? or are you trying to make us (inluding yourself) hopeful…

Sending this email to us is the most ridiculous thing I have seen in a long time!

Everyone who took L3 gets that email.

Everyone who took the L3 exam AND PASSED!!!


That’s good news! Time to celebrate, forget waiting on Aug 11th!

I know this is slightly off topic, but I felt it was a good place to chat about it. With all the emails CFA Institute sends out and the “rightious” behavior of so many individuals in today’s world, is any one else surprised that more information has not leaked accidently or intentionlly regarding test scores, grading process, strategic goals, and so forth? Then again, maybe this has happened in the past and I am simply not aware of it. Anyway, food for thought.

Actually I didn’t get the email so…it means i failed?

Spoke with my friend who retook the exam this year, and found out he got the same email last year and failed. So I am not sure if there is any correlation between this email and actual exam results.

All L3 candidates get this email…

I am just playing haha. I was cocky enough to apply early. My application was approved today so all I need is the positive exam result. So that’s why I didn’t get the email.

The best thing that could happen if you apply for the membership now is that you would save some time at the time value of money expense.

The worst is you gifted CFAI with a yearly membership fees in advance…

The outcome is to hold on to cash till Aug 11th this way at least you minimize the frustration and keep your options open.

You can apply to become a CFA Member after passing Level 2. Therefore you’ve been eligible for membership for approximately a year now. Note that being a Member is different than being a Charterholder. Although you may or may not pass level 3 this time around (which dictates whether or not you are eligible to become a Charterholder, and in turn whether or not you can use the CFA letters after your name), being a Member still has its perks in its own right. You can attend all sorts of presentations and networking events. They even send you CFA magazine. I would recommend signing up if these things interest you.

How long does it take to apply and get approved after the results vs now?

How much time are we saving?

Is it that email with the title “Get ahead of the crowd”

Actually you can apply after passing Level 1 if you have the 4 years experience, you can even sit an ethics test an apply without passing Level 1.

I was already a full member when I was waiting on my Level 3 results and I think I got this email anyway, so it means nothing.