EOC worth solving?

I keep reading on various threads that EOC contain additional unnecessary intricacies and thus do not prove useful at times. I am reading the material from CFA books but have not solved anything yet. My retention is at best 20% I have 2 directions 2 take, solve all EOC then do MOCKS from all providers i can find OR Finquiz all + then do MOCKS from all providers i can find I feel finquiz is a shortcut but am concerned with not finishing all EOC as there are a total of around 80+ sections each with 15+ questions. Thoughts?

I am going with EOC

Do the EOC - there are no shortcuts. It will take you less than 40 hours to do all of the questions from all of the books.

Re: EOC worth solving? Posted by: soddy1979 (IP Logged) Date: March 10, 2011 08:47AM Do the EOC - there are no shortcuts. It will take you less than 40 hours to do all of the questions from all of the books --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Really? I haven’t done too many of the EOC q’s yet; I have been doing the Stalla q’s and saving the EOC’s till closer to exam time. I thought they would take a lot longer than 40 hours. Definitely good to hear if that is accurate.

For the first pass (soving EOC & reviewing examples), each “book” is taking me above 40 hours. still my retention rate is lot low.

Sungirl, I’m using Finquiz but you can’t rely only on that. Do the EOC’s, if anything. Do the ones you don’t understand multiple times.

Thanks for the feedback, reading another thread about common mistakes im convinced to solve EOC and then Finquiz after i finish EOC if i have time. hope the 40 hrs is a correct estimate

You don’t have time for both? It’s only March!

If ur just reading and still reading and haven’t solved any problems yet u better turn it up. No mo sun for u till June.

Every time I finish a book I do the EOC questions. At LII you have to completely understand the concepts and be able to apply them fairly quickly. Remember, common mistakes are usually included as one of the answer choices so you better pray you have eliminated those “little mistakes” by June, and there’s no better way than doing practice problems.

EOC is the closest thing to the exam, if you think EOC is not wroth solving, i just dunno what is. Do it early, do it thoroughly Before I always wanted to leave EOCS to the last after doing all third party questions. I dunno why I got that logic. Now I realize that I may fail EOCs in every chapter, but I know that I will have 2 more month to improve my weak spots.

I do all of the EOCs after every chapter. I also do the Schweser questions after every chapter, and do a QBank of each SS and each SS group (if applicable). I’m almost done AI. I’ll stop before FI and do EOCs for a week from previous sections. I need a hard refresher. If I were you, I’d do the EOCs over any other material, but wouldn’t stop at just the EOC’s.

There are 1048 EOC questions from the CFA books.

Thank you all for your feedback. 1048 is not bad, I started Ethics EOC today, hopefully will finish by end of March and then move on to Finquiz. By then Elan’s Eleventh hour would be ready and i can read that as a hard refresher while solving. I appreciate the reality check. And yes no more sun for me until June.

It took me 40 hours (or two weeks study) to do all of the EOC questions in mid-April of last year. I can say, without doubt, that it was the most effective piece of studying I completed - when I compare how I felt about the exam beforehand, and how I felt about it after doing those questions.

sungirl27 can you tell us more about Elan Eleventh hour? how many pages, etc…? Thanks

I would def do the CFA EOC & Blue Boxes examples if you can. I’m reading Schweser only. I used to do all their EOC’s but stopped after Corp Finance. I’ll be done with reading everything, taking notes and doing their examples in the next 2-3 weeks. I’ll spend all of April doing CFA EOC’s & reading 11th Guide hour over and over. May I’ll do Practice tests, review and maybe the rest of the Schweser EOC’s if I have time. I honestly felt like I could’ve passed lvl 1 using only the 11th hour guide… I think it’ll be very valueble for lvl 2 as well.

“EOC worth solving?” I can’t believe this is even being discussed.

Iginla2010 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > “EOC worth solving?” > > I can’t believe this is even being discussed. Seriously :slight_smile:

Not only EOCs, but know the examples too. They will help with EOCs.