Epstein scheduled to unexpectedly die in custody

oy vey


Jeffrey was found to have hung himself while on suicide watch, in a room with no fixtures, using sheets that were made specially to resist hanging, and the guards “fell asleep”. This is some Tom Cruise level sht that happened here.

By the way, what is Turd up to lately?

we have preliminary autopsy results

Autopsy finds broken bones in Jeffrey Epstein’s neck, deepening questions around his death

the results are inconclusive as of now, but would seem to make a homicide more likely while not completely excluding suicide

Time to start waterboarding people and figure out what’s going on.

I think this (sadly) confirms my suspicion that Turd off’d himself. There’s just no way that guy would have the willpower to keep away from this thread and not comment on it.

Turd and Alex Jones were right about big league pedophiles going down as part of MAGA.

Godspeed Turd

this not a good example, she looks 20 something

So Barr’s father apparently hired Epstein to teach at a prominent NYC prep school when he was 20 and hadn’t even finished college. No such thing as coincidences in homicide investigations.

Just a random thought… I’m not really a fan of him but Alex Jones was banned from ALL the social media websites at once around this exact same time last year…

lol there was a cnbc article calling jeff epstein a coward for killing himself. why would a billionaire playboy kill himself? do ppl actually think this is a suicide?

While Talking About Bogs, Former Navy SEAL Blurts Out “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself.”


I thought Barr was gonna get to the bottom of what happened? He’s the highest profile inmate in the country and he commits suicide a couple of weeks after previous suicide attempt? What a joke.

Ronan Farrow’s new book Catch and Kill is connecting many of the dots. He talks about the connection to an israel linked black ops group called black cube who is linked to jeff epstein, harvey weinstein, bryan singer, matt lauer, les moonves. These guys threatened Farrow to kill his investigation, but this guy has some stones on him, he kept going and wants to expose all these perverts and their enablers.

^This illustrates what can be accomplished when you own the top of the media with blackmail. The media was supposed to be holding the light of truth on government and corporate activities. Now they just do what they’re told, and the results are pretty damn ugly. We were headed for hell on earth, unlimited human misery.

This isn’t really what I’d consider the ultimate evil.

Epstein is the initiation into a much darker truth.


The Walmart connection:


I went into the local Christmas store a while back and was disappointed that they didn’t have any Epstein ornaments.

They’re ornaments that hang themselves while you sleep.

Some people these days are more outraged about a commercial about a man who gave his wife an exercise bike that she probably asked for than a pedophile that was murdered before he could talk and a major news source covering up the story years ago to help a political candidate, very sad.