Error Message Merit

Maybe I missed a pertinent thread here or there, but I think there is merit to the errror messageon the CFAI website. We know Jodanesque passed and he got the short message. We also know that Willa failed and he got the long message. Granted that’s an extremely small sample size but it is certainly worth noting.

Further, I get the longer message and although it is coded with some computer lingo, it seems to insinuate that you are going to be asked to Register again…which would of course indicate a fail.

I honestly believe that there is a ‘tell’ in the error message:

Short Message = You Passed

Long Message = You Failed

No, you missed the thread b/c that’s actually opposite of the theory yesterday.

Someone else with a confirmed pass that had a long message (WCT), and someone with a confirmed fail that had the short error message (rahul roy). This is contradictory to what you’re stating with your examples.

This error message thing needs to die.

I did notice the Rahul short message fail thing…but to be honest, I think Rahul is full of sh*t. He studied like 1,000 hours or something so I find it hard to believe he actually failed. In any event, you’re right, some of us (like me) are getting way too stressed over something that is most likely nothing.

Rahul roy is the man for sure, but he did come back after the exam and say he wasn’t able to answer two of the eleven questions in the AM if I remember correctly, so he left a lot of points on the table. I don’t think he is full of it. He has absolutely no reason to lie to us about failing.

All this being said, I feel bad for Rahul regarding the results and I wish him well if he takes Level III next year. He is a good guy and helped us all deal with the stress at Level II.

Topper, I hope you get the results you want and pass but I really don’t think this error message thing is an early reveal. I know our suspicions are up b/c of the early reveal blunder Wednesday morning, but I think the CFAI has their bases covered. We’re going to have to wait for August 11th.

Tommy- I saw the thread you were referring to and it def made me feel better. Seems the error messages don’t really mean much after all.

CFAI (supposedly) monitors AF and if there were truly a ‘tell’ out there, I assume they would get rid of it stat. I thought I was done for when I saw Willa failed and I had the same error message.

I mean, I may have failed anyways, but it’s nice to have another week and half of hope!

To me, it seems the short message = PASS

long message = FAiL

the long message implies you are not registered any more (you failed), and will be invited to re-register.

best of luck to all !

I have got a long msg. and i believe in this theory. Logically they may have a database of candidates for whom they have currently locked for re-registration and hence the msg. “…not submitted”. They will open this once results are out.

There may be a list of candidates who have passed and hence dont need further registration and hence “…does not exist”

Somehow seems logical

I’m getting a long error on this page…

Same here. One thread is saying long is pass the other is saying short is pass! This only added to my anxiety

Has anybody said they received a short error message on this specific page?

This is exactly correct. They fixed the real mistake very quickly on Wednesday.

Rather than fix this “error” thing, I really think they are laughing at us for thinking it means something.

I agree Tommy you are probably correct. Most professional organizations don’t leave errors on their sites.

But the confounding thing is…that they are leaving an error on their site?

So you may just be correct.

I’m not getting an error at all. I tried opening with both Explorer and Chrome. It just takes me to last year’s registration confirmation.

CFA Charterholder who passed last year is seeing a longer message.

Are you confident you passed MightyB?

Or were you one of the lucky 100 who know their results?


Dobenya…you passed last year and you are seeing a longer error message?

That seems logical to me too…I just hope it’s not true cause I got the long message! However, there have been posts from peeps who say they saw that they passed AND had the long message. Likewise, there have been posts from others that saw they failed AND had the short message. Who knows…

kudos to the person who started the error code freak out of 2015. You have effectively trolled half of this forum.