Ethics - Jacaranda Item Set

LOLOLOLOL. No words can express the level of ridiculousness and frustration I feel with the difficulty of this Ethics item set. The correct answer literally boils down to a whether a single word is either included or omitted… I get attention to detail and all, but this was taking it pretty far, even by CFAI standards.

Please feel free to vent here if you found this one insanely hard!

post an example

Relevant Sample Section from Vignette:

[question and answer removed by admin]

Admin does not share in your pain.


Admin worries more about copyright infringement than about individual candidates’ pain, I suspect.

Haha, yes that would definitely be more important.

And forgot to add to the OP, I also fumbled on the item set you are talking about. Don’t think you are alone on that one. Good study tool though

I’m glad to see I’m not alone. I completely screwed that one up (1 out of 6 correct). And since it was the first set in the entire mock exam, it completely crushed my hopes as I went on. Fortunately the rest were not as bad. But phew… I really hope the real thing won’t have anything comparable. Especially considering that it’s Ethics, and flunking it would have really bad consequences even if you do well in the rest sad

HAHAHA, I missed all six. Wow. And I’ve had >70% on each of the ethics sections in L1 and L2.

This was crazy hard. It does hit on some topics that don’t usually come up in ethics questions, so I guess it’s a good study tool.

Will someone provide a link* to this item set?

*as long as it doesn’t violate CFA code of ethics

It’s the first question of the morning session of Level 3 mock exam on the CFA website. You can try to see if you can access it… (though for some reason I’m having trouble logging in right now to the website, I get a 403 forbidden error).

Yes, itemset 1 in 2014 mock version a.

I stumpled on this item set question today and I nearly fell off the chair reading the answer keys!!!