Ethics - Memorising Standard Names

Hey guys,

It appears that this could be the first year that we are required to answer Ethics questions under constructed response scenarios. Do you think it is therefore necessary to memorise the numbers and letters of the standards?

e.g III (A) is Duties to Employers - Loyalty

So we can use them when answering the questions?


Not the numbers and letters, but I am almost certain you will need to know the differences between misrepresentation, independence and objectivity, loyalty to clients etc…

“It appears that this could be the first year that we are required to answer Ethics questions under constructed response scenarios.”

^What’s your source?

Thought this would be about Kamisha Washington or Walter Fritz.

Schweser book

Ethics will be 10–15% this year, 2-3 item sets. Constructed response questions are also possible this year - Quote from the book

Everything is possible. But what’s the likelihood (and the alpha)? :slight_smile:

I’m silly. I know. :smiley:

Ah well I learnt them anyway! Attached a silly acronym, now i can’t get them Out of my head!

I’m thinking if we should remember Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct. Agree this year may be the first year to have Ethics in essay. The weights 10-15% is too suspicious…

• Always act ethically and professionally.

• Act in the best interest of the client.

• Act in an objective and independent manner.

• Perform actions using skill, competence, and diligence.

• Communicate accurately with clients on a regular basis.

• Comply with legal and regulatory requirements regarding capital markets

mind sharing the acronym? :slight_smile:

At first I thought this was the code of ethics - the half pager with 6-7 bullets with the motherhood statements. Then I realized it’s about Asset Mgr Code.

I might as well memorize the PCP procedures since that’s fair game too.

Let’s memorize it!!! Standards of Professional Conduct I. PROFESSIONALISM A. Knowledge of the Law B. Independence and Objectivity C. Misrepresentation D. Misconduct II. INTEGRITY OF CAPITAL MARKETS A. Material Nonpublic Information B. Market Manipulation III. DUTIES TO CLIENTS A. Loyalty, Prudence, and Care B. Fair Dealing C. Suitability D. Performance Presentation E. Preservation of Confidentiality IV. DUTIES TO EMPLOYERS A. Loyalty B. Additional Compensation Arrangements C. Responsibilities of Supervisors V. INVESTMENT ANALYSIS, RECOMMENDATIONS, AND ACTIONS A. Diligence and Reasonable Basis B. Communication with Clients and Prospective Clients C. Record Retention VI. CONFLICTS OF INTEREST A. Disclosure of Conflicts B. Priority of Transactions C. Referral Fees VII. RESPONSIBILITIES AS A CFA INSTITUTE MEMBER OR CFA CANDIDATE A. Conduct as Participants in CFA Institute Programs B. Reference to CFA Institute, the CFA Designation, and the CFA Program

I think spelling out the acronym I’ve used would probably get me kicked off the forum…

Please share…