Hey guys just wanted to know what all information we can use without citing particular references? For example- if i use ‘leading analysts’ without naming the specific references i am in violation,but if i use information from a govt site without quoting am in violation? Similarly for S&P?

Under CFAI code and standards you are not required to quote govermental info, however you are free to do so. I always do.

Quoting others work is required to be in compliance with the code and standards.

Ok any idea about information used from S&P?

S&P as a third-party researcher provides info for a fee, it is not a govermental organization. Even the free info from S&P must be disclosed and correctly cited.

Only govermental info has the option to not being quoted.

Ohh ok thanks for the help yes

However, Schweser differes WRT s&p, in their topic test they say verification of s&p is not necessary however, I too think it violates prudence.

Yup I also came across questions where the answer said you dont need to quote S&P.

Thank you for the link We can say data quoted from Moodys or s&p does not demand cross verification.