Ethics nonsense

what percent of the ethics questions were you 100% certain on? I was completely certain on very few of them. Anyone else have that problem ?

I don’t think in the three exams I’ve felt positive about a single ethics question

Ethics was a mess this year. Wasn’t sure what the person who wrote these qs was thinking. As someone who would be a marginal pass I’m pissed

For Non native english speaker Ethics was like talking to aliens.

it was the same for native English speakers as well. I think it’s important to test ethics, but the questions are absurd.

Yeah I would agree. Some of the ethics questions were ridiculous. I thought Level II ethics was more applicable. Level III just seemed like they wanted to trick us.

Seems relieved that I am not the only one who felt this way. Although I feel the 2nd vignette was reasonable…the 1st was completely horrible.

I’m so happy that everybody thought ethics was horrible. …by far that was the worst ethics item set I’ve ever seen…I went back and changed some answers because everything looked right…I certainly hope it goes better than I thought but I’m headed straight for below 50% on that

Agreed, ethics questions threw me, especially first vignette. Didn’t realise the category the first question was about even existed. Not happy about the importantance of ethics, given that many of the questions are so ambiguous for people who have studied the same materials at least 3 times.

i found derivatives and Equity tough

In fact - ethics/gips found easy

I thought it was okay. Somewhat “easy”.

You all know the outcome of a comment like that: >70% or <50%…

I felt clueless on Ethics. GIPS didn’t seem too bad, but that might be because I barely did anything on Ethics this year.

Can anyone confirm if its true that failing Ethics fails the exam for L3?

Of course not.

The merits of Ethics questions are:

If you lose your job because of bad investment decisions and you seek solace in gambling; if you score low in Ethics, don’t gamble. If you score high, move to Las Vegas baby, you are a master in guessing.

I agree completely. The second was reasonable, still a little convoluted, but the first was absurd. The first question in particular, in my opinion, had nothing to do with being ethical.

I feel the same way. In particular, I tried to clarify a couple of the questions by taking a look at the Code of Ethics. I am still not sure how to answer some of the questions. I remember one particular question where the code says “firms should consider” but apparently it is not a requirement.

sailing the same boat! :slight_smile:

I was only 100% confident in a few of my Ethics/AMC answers. Very frustrating as I was scoring pretty well on Ethics in practice tests. I don’t know why they feel the need to make Ethics so difficult when it is already the most subjective section on the exam.

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I think** I knew about 33% of the ethics questions… On the other hand, I probably got about 80% to 85% derivatives questions correct. Really cool stuff…