Ethics - Sharing Information Within a Firm

Hi All,

I have some across a couple of different views through various mocks onthe application of the standards to allow for sharing of information within in a firm. Obviously no one should act on material public information as a overlying standard.

However, is ther any clear guidance on the standard for when it is or is not acceptable to share information within a firm?

CFAI text pg 61 talks about firewalls within a firm to prevent the flow of confidential information but does not provide an example of the application of the standard in the text.

More specifically I have come across a problem that states for example it is ok to share information between an equity research department and a fixed income department.

The Kaplan 2016 Vol 1 PM 3 Mock Q4 however had a question that said an analyst violate the standard by asking his some of his coworkers to review his work. I don’t understand how people in the same department are not able to share information.

Maybe this is just a bad Kaplan structured question but wanted to see if anyone have any clear guidance on the application of the standard as it applies to sharing information within a firm.


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