Ethics study method

What is the best method to study Ethics at L3?

Read it at the beginning of your study program. Read it again 1/2 way through. Read it again a day or two before the exam.

Read the beginning of the material, then read the middle, then read the end of the material.

rinse and repeat basically…

sleep with ethics book under pillow. Osmosis

Read at L1,Read at L2 then read at level 3 and don’t read after that…

Read at L1,Read at L2 then read at level 3…then emerge as next Madoff

Thanks for the comments. Very useful. Especially since I dont want to start the next big ponzi scheme. What I was really getting at is the Ethics material appears to have gotten very legal. The questions they ask have become increasing obscure. Just hoping it can be mastered by some technique.

You joke, but that’s a Japanese old wives’ tale, that you would dream about a book that you have under your pillow when you sleep.

If only…ah, the possibilities.

I would suggest doing every question and reading every application section (or whatever they are called) about a week before the exam. It’ll be fresh and that is where the questions come from anyway.


Killer way to study ethics… lol