Ethics - Volume 6 Learning Module 2 - Practice Problem 4 - Page 183

Long has been asked to be the keynote speaker at an upcoming investment conference.
The event is being hosted by one of the third-party investment managers
currently used by his pension fund. The manager offers to cover all conference
and travel costs for Long and make the conference registrations free for three
additional members of his investment management team. To ensure that the
conference obtains the best speakers, the host firm has arranged for an exclusive
golf outing for the day following the conference on a local championship-caliber
course. Which of the following is least likely to violate Standard I(B)?
A. Long may accept only the offer to have his conference-related expenses paid
by the host firm.
B. Long may accept the offer to have his conference-related expenses paid and
may attend the exclusive golf outing at the expense of the hosting firm.
C. Long may accept the entire package of incentives offered to speak at this

answer is A which is obvious, but is there an actual difference between B and C?

Option B says to accept his conference-related and golf outing expenses. I think it means Long himself.

Option C says “the package”, it contains the arrangement for the three members of his investment team.

C includes the payment for 3 colleagues whereas B does not.