Did the Ethics topics change from that of 2015 ?

Additionally guys , I know that it is weird to ask this question at level 3 :slight_smile: but really how do you study ethics ? In the last two levels I just got around 50% or slightly higher but after spending a lot of time on it .

No change just one new LOS in the AMC reading:

  • a. “Explain the purpose of the Asset Manager Code and the benefits that may accrue to a firm that adopts the Code”

NB: the AMC reading is, word for word, exactly the same as 2015

I ve never read AMC. Is anything important there ?

At least read the bullets.

i checked Sch. Sec souce, it’s like half page summary, couldnt see how it’s different from the ethics code… am i missing smth?

Yes a little, it applies the standards for an asset manager.

Read the last 3 subtopics, risk, valuation and disclosure.

It’s slightly different, but generally similar. It does differ in a couple of things. The thinking is the same though.

I would agree w/ Mr.Smart