Even the dummies at WaPo are finally getting it


"The reality that weapons not included in proposed assault-rifle bans can still exact a double-digit death toll further complicates a wrenching national debate about how to prevent future tragedies.

“That’s true” that weapons other than assault rifles can kill many people at once, conceded Avery W. Gardiner, co-president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, which favors a federal ban on assault rifles but not on shotguns or pistols."


Where were that shit stains parents at?

I’m fine with criminal penalties for any person whose weapon is used in a crime, barring reported theft.

you totally contradict yourself here. Someone taking something they have ACCESS to does not imply they have permission to do so - which would constitute theft. Since you can’t report something as stolen that you don’t know is stolen, it doesn’t have to be reported to qualify as theft.

Discussing the trivial will not take you far, young gun.

That’s the point, the burden should be on you to keep track of your firearms. If you allow others to gain access to them (family or otherwise) and don’t report to the authorities than you should be bear some responsibility for the action take by the firearms.

There needs to be some burden of responsibility for those who own firearms. Unfortunately, the NRA would rather pick fights and scare people than actually advocate for proper gun safety. Plenty of ex-military types that can teach proper gun safety should this be mandatory for gun purchases.

Wanna know how I know you guys aren’t gun owners? Because you’re blaming everyone but the gunman.

The gunman was a psychotic lunatic like the rest of them, how much blame can you assign to him? It’s like blaming a 3 year old for running into traffic and causing a car accident.


This is a horrible tragedy. This should not happen.

Car analogies? Let’s stay above those - because it wouldn’t be hard for either of us to grab a perfectly designed scenario out of a hat, that is both perfectly realistic, practical, and not at all designed in a lab (I’ll add in parentheses that I’m 100% sarcastic about the realistic and practical application of that scenario).

I don’t even want to begin dismantling how absurd it is to draw parallels between some autistic virgin who got rejected and shot at 20 of his peers, and a three year old hypothetically running into traffic.

But… by seventeen years old, a parent should have had enough time to make a material impact on that kids life and distill a rich sense of compassion for humanity in them. By three years old, you basically have a human that is no smarter than a newborn golden retriever. Point being, the seventeen year old killer knew exactly what he was doing and the outcome of shooting someone, whereas a three year old running into traffic is totally oblivious.

edit: Can we please start discussing parenting now?

As a conscientious gun owner (as you’ll see in previous posts, I corrected Black Swan on the name of the Mossberg Shockwave) and veteran, I believe in responsibility. If my granddaughter takes one of my guns and commits a crime, I should face penalties. Simple and effective. That is responsibility. Leaving firearms laying around unsecured should be a crime. Some states have laws on gun storage, but it is far too little.

You can discuss whatever you want. The only people I ever see saying “now is not the time to talk about _____” are the gun nuts who think there is some sort of hands off period where it’s taboo to talk about gun control/reform directly after a shooting.

Of course, as pointed out by many, if we adhere to that in current day America, we’d never be allowed to talk about it since there are around the clock shootings.

Things & people to blame in no particular order and not necessarily applicable in each case:

  1. The shooter

  2. People that bullied him

  3. Guns

  4. Irresponsible gun owners

  5. Misdiagnosing or ignoring mental health issues

  6. Parents of the shooter

  7. Parents of as s hole kids that allow them to be little sh i ts either online or in person to harass other kids

  8. Celebrity culture

  9. Lack of security at schools

  10. The 2nd Amendment

  11. Special interest groups

  12. Politicians that care more about being reelected than taking meaningful action

  13. The media

  14. Gun shops

  15. Gun shows

  16. The easy access to guns in general

And I’m sure there’s more. That’s why it’s a complicated issue. One of the main problems facing us when trying to untie this knot is we dig our heels in and only focus on one aspect. Guns are the problem. Mental health is the problem. Whatever. The fact is that in every school shooting (or mass shooting in general) there are several factors that eventually led to a tragic event. That’s not to say we should give up on trying to fix it, or not focus on singular issues. What would likely be most beneficial would be to look at these situations holistically instead of picking one thing and not only saying that was the cause, but also calling people idiots that believe another factor also played role.

Okay, I got that one wrong, admittedly - and thank you for your service, I hope you let me buy you a beer someday as thanks.

I just genuinely don’t feel good about a very reductionist approach of criminally charging someone for actions someone else took with their property. Bad things can happen to a responsible gun owner.

He’s not a veteran and to quote Silicon Valley, “if {palantir} knows one end of a Barrett from the other, I’ll eat a bowl of sh i t.”

can someone create a iteracom parody account

This. And at the risk of sounding cliche, the partisan bickering isn’t really helping.

I do agree with holding gun owners responsible if their gun is used unless the theft is reported prior to the crime. The guns should be secured and if you can’t secure them you shouldn’t own them. It’s unfair for gun owners to be held liable for crimes they didn’t commit but it’s also unfair for the victems to have been killed so it kind of balances out.

That said, the simpletons of the world want to make this about AR’s and now that that straw man has fallen apart they want to make this about hunting rifles like shotguns. At this point their stupid is showing because their one step away from making the Toronto 4Chan guy’s spree about cars.