Exam Day Fashion - to see and be seen!

With the result email fast appraoaching, let’s talk about something light to take the edge off.

How do you dressed on exam day usually? Any lucky colours? Special sweater?

Have you seen any test takers wearing funny costumes to the exam room?

I have seen some wild outfits in the past: S&M biker, full suit with bow-tie, (high)school uniform, military/ camoulfage overall…


Wife beater and I get fake tattoos 2 days prior.

HAHAHAHA that’s a good one!

a DIRTY (preferably blood-stained) wife beater would be even better.

I was disappointed with the lack of costumes at my exam centre. The wierdest thing I saw was a few people dressed as they were about to run a marathon. (running shirt, pants, shoes etc.) I guess writing a 6 hour exam isn’t that far off from a marathon though.

That reminds me, i saw multiple people (not the same year) wearing PAJAMAS!!!

i guess that’s the outfit they study in and it helps to recall information dressing the same?

I forgot to mention I don’t shave 3 days prior. It’s the time of year I look the most bad boyish…and for some reason I receive so much more attention in the post exam party.

I saw few people wearing Pajamas and clothes suitable for many sports! (e.g. climbing a mountain!, gym, walking…etc)

Is this unusual (not the pajamas)? For L1 and L2 I wore gym shorts and a Nike Dri-FIT shirt because that stuff is extremely comfortable! Toss in some New Balance Minimus shoes and I was ready to relax, workout, or take a test.

Comic-con was in the same convention center as our test.

Anything weird a CFA candidate had on was immediately trumped by “the flash” or some dude in a medieval costume spouting some made-up language. loonies.

I wore jeans and a t-shirt. Same thing I wore to all my other CFA and CPA exams.

I think you should wear whatever you’re comfortable in, or what you’re used to stuying in. If you work in a suit and tie all day, and when you get off work you go study in your suit and tie, then you should take your test in a suit and tie, because that’s what you’re used to wearing, and it’s what you’re comfortable in.

I noticed this–in Level 1, you’ll see a lot of people trying to show off. Wearing Hugo Boss suits and Gucci shoes and Brooks Brothers oxfords. With women it’s pencil skirts and high heels.

You don’t see anybody wearing that crap at Level 3. Everybody’s in shorts or jeans and t-shirts.

Japan would have a lot more interesting outfits than the US.

I heard a rumor of a girl who was seen at the exams in a full fairy butterfly costume with wings and evyerhting

Did you see a lot of L1 candidates in suits?

I only saw a few (and not sure which level they are writing), i thought it was uncommon because it’s so uncomfortable!


Did you see a lot of L1 candidates in suits?

I only saw a few (and not sure which level they are writing), i thought it was uncommon because it’s so uncomfortable!


Agreed 100%.

I also find it hilarious whenever people wear t-shirts, sweatshirts, or whatever from prestigious business schools. I’m sure you just coincidentally pulled out your Harvard Business School section whatever t-shirt on the morning of the exam.

There are alot of “fake” famous US university sweaters in Japan.


I have a lucky polo I’ve worn to all my CFA and CAIA exams. Jeans for pants and some casual shoes. I also comb my hair to the side (line on left side) because it makes me feel smarter than my normal hair do.

always wear my U2 t-shirt on exam day, luck of the irish I guess or some such nonsense :slight_smile:

Did not pay attention for the look, but the “sound” of some candidates on the test day caught my attention. Some girls wear noticable high heels. Unfortunately, I was assigned to the last row of the test room next to the bathroom, I can hear the high heel girls walking by constently during the exam session with their high heels, it is rather distracting…

I am a female too, but I wear rather comfortable with flat and quiet shoes on the exam day. Not sure if anyone have the same issue with other female counterparts’ high heels…

If I had thought about it, I would have worn the “Too Big To Fail” t-shirt to the exams. (After all, I am pretty fat.) Would have been hilarious.

And to Ramos’s point–I always liked to be clean shaven and have combed hair. For some strange reason, I do believe in the “look good–feel good–do good” philisophy.

But I still didn’t wear a suit to Level 1.