I have been over the checklist, but I feel like I am forgetting something…on exam day, I am bringing in:


-Admission ticket (verified matches passport)

-Handful of #2 mechanical pencils (.7mm led)

-Two BA II Plus calculators (recently changed batteries)

Anything else we need? Please post here.

bring a watch, crib sheets, eraser, chewing gum, and a hat

crib sheets? I don’t know what that means, but you can’t use any additional scrap paper or anything.

Watch is a good idea; I was going to have notes in the car (even though I know I wont look at them during lunch).

Watch is a good idea; I was going to have notes in the car (even though I know I wont look at them during lunch).

Well since you are about to become a CFA Level II (which by the way does guarantee superior investment results) You are going to want to bring liquid correction fluid. A small knife for sharpening you pencils. Several eraser covers. It might be hard to get this all into something small so i suggest putting them in a backpack or if you want to keep it all on your desk, an eyeglass case.

are scratch paper allowed? where to write calulations on?

I was hoping this would start the great pencil debate… Remeber you’re NOT allowed to bring mechnical pencils.

No. You can write in the test booklet.

I need a scratch paper. My plan is to write all my formulas i have memorized the second we can open books. I cant keep them memorized once my brain needs to focus. Often there is not enough room on the test book to write stuff.

Andrew Holmes is going to Punch you for trying to memorize them instead of knowing the intuition.

seriously though I was thinking about doing that for some of the more obscure FCFF/FCFE formulas. There will be pages “intentionally left blank” if you flip through the book

You can make this plea to the proctor and see if they let it slide. wink

How has everyone not reviewed this 5 times in the last 6 months?


For L1 i saw proctors let things slide. Some person had blank papers, someone had cell phone under chair.

Do you already have a list of formulas you will write down? If so, what are they? Some examples? I’m just curious… as most formulas, I think, should be (relatively, although not really) easy to memorize.

Mechanical pencils are totally allowed (for all 3 levels).

OK, one proctor may allow you to bring these material into the test center, and another proctor decides to report you half way through the exam. I’m not taking that kind of chance. Anyway, it’s poor ethics and a breach of the Code and Standards.

Just read this: http://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprogram/exams/Pages/policies.aspx

ipad and a computer with excel should help