Exercising and Studying

Anyone have any tips for keeping up exercise while studying for CFA exam. I usually exercise early in morning, but have now given that up in order to study. Since I’m too tired after work, I find my exercise is starting to go down. That’s not good since it affects my energy level and concentration. For L1, I listened to the audio CD’s while exercising but it really didn’t help at all. I’ve brought books with me when I work out, but that also was worthless. Any thoughts or tips would be helpful. Maybe this is one of those things you cut back while you’re studying.

Kellyima, I would strongly urge you to try to keep your workout routine, especially since its a great stress-reliever during study months. I would normally workout right after work, than hit the books for an hour and a half, tops, on weeknights. Staying in shape really helped me keep sane during the process. An added bonus is that when the exam was over its beach season, and I didn’t feel like I had let myself go for the 4 months before. I’d try to find a way to fit it in, even it its only for 30 minute sessions, it’ll definitely help.

I read novels when I’m on the elliptical, and it really makes the time fly by a lot more than just listening to music. I have a Sony eReader, which makes it much easier to read. If I was lifting weights or using the treadmill, I think it’d be a lot tougher to read though. As far as studying the CFA, I haven’t brought any Schweser books with me to read. If I can find any CFA-related ebooks that could go on the eReader, I’m going to give them a try. Have you tried Schweser on the elliptical?

I was reading about how we learn & how to learn more effectively and it coincided with something I learned about myself while studying for CFA exams. . The research said that the learning process often breaks down right at the start from lack of concentration. So, if you want to learn something as efficiently as possible, you should have no distractions whatsoever. If you are exercising while you are trying to learn, that is a big distraction. Your learning efficiency will suffer. From my own experience, I got the most out of my study time when I went to a library and sat in one of those desk/reading cubicles where you couldn’t look any direction. I was surrounded on 3 sides by wood veneer. 45 minutes of that was more effective than 3 hours of casual reading while traveling, listeninig to music, etc.

keep training. I run 2-3 times a week (between 6-8k) at lunch and then i train on Sat & Sun. If I stop, my studying is just not as effective and i feel guilty for not hitting the gym etc…

I hit the weights at home every morning at 5am before going to work. This is the only time that I can possibly fit working out into my schedule. Skip the morning studying and just work out for a 1/2 hr or so. I have been working out consistently for the past 12 years (I am 26) and that is one thing that I refuse to give up for the CFA exam. You will more than make up for the 1/2 lost when you study at night because you will feel better and be more energized. For me, if my own body feels like a piece of Sh!t than everything learned from studying seems worthless. And forget about trying to study when you work out. When you are trying to do something, whether it’s studying or working out, that should be where 100% of your focus is concentrated. Anyone who tells me that they can get through an Intense workout while reading or listening to Schweser is full of sh#t. For me, it’s Rage Against the Machine when I’m working out and Frederick Chopin / Schweser CD’s when I’m studying… that’s it.

Impossible is nothing…just do it. Anybody can find time to fit 45 min of intense weight or cardio in three times a week. Thats all you need. I go right after work before I do anything else. If I know I will be working late, I go at lunch.

100 Pushups and 50 leg lifts. Everyday in your apt.

Danteshek Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 100 Pushups and 50 leg lifts. Everyday in your > apt. and move on to 100 one arm pushups after a few weeks - feel the burn.

I find if I get in a quick workout after work it actually gives me more energy to study. Its all about time managment, there is enough hours in the day to get it done if you want to…I used schweser audio a bit, it certainly doesnt replace sitting down and studying but it is a good complement/review if you have already read the material… just my .02

I was playing rugby 3X a week. But now that I tore my ACL/Meniscus is all pushups/leg lifts all the time. I’m finding that I am able to maintain my upper body strength just by doing lots of pushups.

Danteshek Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I was playing rugby 3X a week. But now that I > tore my ACL/Meniscus is all pushups/leg lifts all > the time. I’m finding that I am able to maintain > my upper body strength just by doing lots of > pushups. that’s a load of rugby games (3x) but I assume you train twice and play on Saturday. I still play every few weeks but had to give up ‘proper’ rugby after university due to work commitments and not being able to attend training during the week. I used to do a load of weight training,however, I just do a load of cardio now so I can look slim in suits and have found that it’s easier to maintain bulk as you get older (not a good thing mind you).

Fortuitous timing for this discussion (again). I’ve been exercising three times a week consistently for the last year-and-a-half, but my metabolism has slowed to a crawl. I am by no means a glutton–I eat normal portions and exercise. But over 18 months, particularly since I started working in May after graduation, I’ve ballooned from 170 lbs in the summer of 2006 to 195 lbs in late 2007, a weight at which I’ve been able to maintain fairly easily for the last few months. A little less than 1 lb per month (no big deal, right?) and I look like a different person. My job is just incredibly sedentary and I’ve just lost control over my ability to keep my weight down. So I’m going to try the NutriSystem diet that I’ve found people have been raving about. Gonna try to knock my weight down to 170 then get off the diet and try to become more conscientious about my weight. If nothing else, I’ll be able to turn the clock back 18 months or so. I just don’t know what to do–I exercise, eat moderate portions, and yet I’m putting on a pound a month. No wonder people look TOTALLY different at 40 from when they were 20. Just a pound a month. Heck, a pound every 6 months. Edit: ha, just found out that I need to lose 31 pounds to be at the upper limit of a healthy weight for my height. Geesh.

kkent Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > So I’m going to try the NutriSystem diet that I’ve > found people have been raving about. Gonna try to > knock my weight down to 170 then get off the diet > and try to become more conscientious about my > weight. I looked at the NutriSystem website one day to see what it’s all about. I guess there’s three meals plus a dessert every day. When I picked three random meals and a random dessert, it wound up being something like 600 calories! I picked a different set, and it was similar. Maybe I was looking at it wrong, but if they limit you to that few calories then I don’t know how anybody could stick to it.

If you really want to kick up your exercise regimen, I suggest you try BrainAge. Since I got started on BrainAge, my brain mass has nearly doubled which has led to my body fat percentage decreasing to about 7% (Olympic athlete levels). Nine out of ten doctors recommend BrainAge; the other doctor wants to get into subprime brokerage.

SanFran, I’ve read a few dozen reviews (because I, too, was confused about that). Apparently (and this is what individual nobodys have written as reviews on random websites), for some reason the way the food is, they don’t feel hungry. Dozens of people said something to the effect of, “It’s weird–I used to eat huge portions, but there were numerous occassions where I was too full to even finish the NutriSystem portions.” Maybe the way the food is feels fairly heavy to the stomach. I’m gonna give it a shot because 8 out of 10 reviews that I read from many different people gave it a very positive response and recommendation. One in 10 said the food tasted bad and 1 in 10 said they didn’t lose weight. The others were raving about it. So what the hell? Nothing to lose, right (except weight)?

One thing I did last year was get involved in a group workout program that met everyday at 6am. We had a trainer that oversaw us as we worked out. The key I found helpful was the competativeness of the group. Everyone was trying to one up the next guy which lead to really strenuous workouts, those that would be difficult to make yourself do alone. It was spendy, but I’ve been putting on pound like non other and the added CFA stress is not helping. I’m looking to enroll again shortly.

kkent, I don’t know how much that program costs you are looking into, but I would suggest seeing a nutritionist. I saw one at one time and they are very diligent about finding out your metabolism speed, calorie requirement per day, when/what to eat, etc. It cost $450 for the montly food plan, but I felt it was worthwhile. If you are diciplined to staying to it, you can basically use the same monthly plan for 6-12 months until you need to reallocate it (haha)! Funny similiarities to something else.

Yeah, that’s definitely a better long-term alternative (this plan is $319 per month). I think my complete and utter inability to cook is starting to haunt me, too. My roommates are incredible cooks (Indian food, yuck) and have only put on a little weight even though they NEVER EVER exercise and drink like effin’ fish. Does this food plan that you speak of have prepared food or do you need to cook? What is included in the $450?

The plan I was given describes when I should eat, snack, etc. Veggis and water were to be consumed as much as possible. Food is not included which is a huge drawback. The nutritionist I saw did a grocery store tour and assisted me in selecting the good brands to buy, what to look for in ingredients, etc. Just because it says Healthy Choice on the package does not necessarily hold true. I had my weight and body fat taken and recorded and targets were established. Seminars were held, checkups were done, etc. One had to remain on track themselves essentially, but results came from the instructions. It may even be covered partially by your health insurance too. Another way you could go about this is try it yourself. I would recommend the books “You, The Owners Manual” and “You, on a Diet.” I found these to be very objective and simple. Opera has since jacked up their popularity from her show, but I found these after spending alot of time looking through health books at the bookstore. Last year I was really in great shape, since November though I have fallen off my routine so I need to get back on track. Health is very interesting to me and one of my favorite hobbies.