Extra mock exams

Does anyone know of a good resource to get additional mock exams? I know the prep providers have some but I don’t want to buy their whole packages. I just want more mock exams to practice. I found one online here https://www.300hours.com/articles/a-free-practice-test-for-all-cfa-level-ii-readers#.WSBAR-XyvIV

But I’d like to have a couple more whether it’s free or not. Please let me know if you know where I could get more mocks.

You can buy them via Kaplan Schweser’s US site and Wiley Elan Efficient Learning’s US site.

I didn’t find any other major mock exam providers but you could then go on to try one of the smaller, newer providers if the above eight mock exams isn’t enough for you?

Excellent mocks from IFT - see logo above - 3 for $75 for instant download

Also available from Fitch

I have also bought that package and did two of them so far. What I was wondering how much do you guys think they resemble exam difficulty and question, topic coverage?

People say that IFT mock exams for level III are easier (than CFAI mock? Schwerser mocks?).


Shark101, what do you think about IFT mocks?

IFT has a particular QBank where i repeatedly found several questions from TTs. Almost word for word but different numbers. And those QBanks are for each reading.

As stated somewhere else: I did two and found them to help. After now doing the full CFAI Mock, it does seem as IFT are a bit easier and more straight forward. But then again, if in general the CFAI Mock is a bit over the difficulty level of the actual exam, I believe IFT Mocks can help.

I would say however, that IFT is best to ease into the mock exam taking. I did 65% and 73% on those two mocks, right out of reading and without a whole lot of TTs under the belt at that time. Since then, I have gone over more TTs and have gotten a 75% overall on the CFAI mock, which I would have clearly not gotten at the time I did the IFTs.

So IFT is ok, but at this time around I suppose people should be aiming at 80+

I’ve done Shwsser mocks which I’ve found solid. I’m currently doing Wiley’s mocks now and it’s pretty disappointing. So I’d recommend against purchasing it.