Facebook Co-Founder Gives Up U.S. Citizenship

The start of a new trend???



I know this is controversial, but I was a little proud of him after I read that.

Proud in what way?

He doesn’t live in the US anymore. The US expat tax laws are kind of absurd IMO, so I think he is doing the right thing by renouncing citizenship to avoid a huge tax liability. If he lives in Singapore and derives no or substantially no benefits from the US, why should be pay US taxes? That makes no sense.

sounds idiotic that we are giving importance to such rotten piece of news… Shit

Yep, I agree with him.

Isn’t he originally from Brazil anyway?

Me too. And Singapore seems like a great choice, a bit expensive but that isn’t a problem for him obviously.

Not sure if I’ll give up citizenship or not, it really comes down to taxes and ease of travel I guess. But I certainly don’t want to be encumbered by the USA’s problems any longer since I’m not a member of that society in any real way.


Good for him. More people that leave the sooner the message will be received.

Imagine the flood of rich French people we’re going to see…



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Still think that is one of the greatest skits of all time. I’m sure I have watched that 12x yet I still laugh every time I think about it.

yea seriously… And not being subtle about it either…

Hey Vikas, try to clean the dialogue up a notch.